Real-Time Daily Editions for June 2016
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, June 30, 2016
How Do You Solve The Real-Time Creative Conundrum?
Nielsen Unveils Streaming Ratings for 'Orange is the New Black,' 'Seinfeld'
Why Relevant Is The New Premium For Programmatic Buying
Experian, Neustar Partner On Data Onboarding Cross-Platform
Time Inc. Chief Talks About Its Acquisition Of Ad-Tech Firm Viant
Target Google: How To Hit Customers Where They Shop
Unruly Partners With 'WSJ' On Outstream Viewable Video Ad Formats
Are Marketers Asking The Wrong Questions About Programmatic?
Visual, Digital And Environmental Signals Target Personal Messages
White Ops Receives MRC Accreditation For Detecting Invalid Traffic
AdMore Partners With Videology On Programmatic Access To 100 Million+ Nielsen-Monitored Homes
MRC Accredits First Company For Detection Of Invalid Traffic
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Researcher Finds Programmatic TV Spending Will More Than Double This Year
Google's Adding New Ways To Track You For Ads
Turn Adds Integral Ad Science Video Targeting Technology
AdMaxim Launches Native Programmatic Ad Platform
Fallout From ANA Report: Chase Hired Auditors To Look at Publicis
Thrillist's Content Marketing Division Launching Booze-Focused Site
Tech Leaders Call For Positive Thinking Post Brexit Vote
BPA Worldwide Approved As Validator For TAG Anti-Piracy Program
Retailers May Take Individual Targeting In-House
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
A 'Weather Report' On Ad Blocking And Analytics Blocking
LinkedIn Launches Programmatic Buying
Programmatic TV Ad Spend To Double, Still Tiny Part Of Overall Share
Digital Ads To Exceed $285B By 2020, $27B Lost With Ad Blockers
Adelphic Names Jacqueline Berg General Manager Of The Americas
What Threat Could Brexit Pose To Internet Companies?
At Cannes, Ad Industry Confronts Rise Of Facebook
Accessing Data For The Internet Of Me
Real-Time Daily - Monday, June 27, 2016
More Uncertainty LIkely -- But Is There Upside To U.K.'s Exit From The E.U.?
Holding Company Stocks Fall With The Rest Of The Market
Artificial Intelligence Has A White-Guy Problem
Industry Reacts To Brexit, Will London Remain Europe's Ad Capital?
Ad Block Plus Suffers Defeat Over Business Model
Programmatic TV: Growth Drivers And Potential Threats
Rebates, Simplification, Ad Blocking Emerge As Major Themes At Cannes
Real-Time Daily - Friday, June 24, 2016
Americans Lead The World In Ad Blocking
Snapchat And The Prisoner's Dilemma Of Programmatic
Hearst Launches Buzzing@Hearst, Real-Time Trend-Detecting Capability
The Marketing Technology Culture Clash Prevention Guide
SpotX Expands In The Nordics, Opens Office In Sweden
ARF Conference Explores Metrics For Creative -- And Children
Industry Needs To 'Cut The Crap': 'The Economist' Panel At Cannes
What Is The Role Of Marketing Agencies In Data Management?
Is Branded Virtual Reality Content The Next Frontier In Marketing?
Unilever CMO Vows No More 'Vacuous' Women Ads
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, June 23, 2016
Cloud Analytics Provider Keen IO Delivers Real-Time Native Analytics
ConvertMedia Integrates With Nearly A Dozen DSP And SSP Partners
Kiosked And MEC Debut Programmatic Virtual Reality Campaign In APAC
How Data Is Transforming The Creative Process
Advertising Isn't Dead, But The Market Is Changing
Google Bullish On VR, But Has Long Way To Go
Mobile Device Obsession Yields A Marketer's Paradise
Targeting Millennial Moviegoers More Complex Than First Thought
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
While Marketers Rely On Content To Make Purchase Decisions, Only 27% Budget For Content Marketing
Why Is OOH Programmatic Media Buying Problematic?
Ad Blocking In The U.S. Projected To Rise By Double Digits In 2016
Programmatic's Race To The Bottom Is A Non-Starter
Neustar, Simulmedia Partner For Linear TV Activation, Measurement
How Data Is Transforming The Creative Process
OpenX Expands West Coast Presence, Opens New Digs In Culver City
For Publishers, Not all Mobile Advertising Created Equal
Facebook Launches API Audience Insights At Cannes Lions
Fears Of Facebook And Google Ad Dominance Hang Over Cannes, Says AOL Chief Tim Armstrong
Can Private Marketplaces Get Publishers To Adopt Geotargeting More Widely?
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Taking Aim At Ad Blocking, NYT Readies Ad-Free Digital Edition
Ad Blocking To Jump By Double Digits This Year
How 'Platforms as Publishers' Could Threaten Journalistic Ethics
Spotify Seeks To Ramp Up Its Ad Business
What's Your Data Really Made Of?
IHeartMedia Launches Programmatic Private Market For Digital Radio
Kiosked Debuts Programmatically Traded Panorama Ad Unit For Mobile
Conde Nast Launches Spire For Consumer Purchase Insights, Targeting
Real-Time Daily - Monday, June 20, 2016
What Does Microsoft's Pricey Acquisition Of LinkedIn Mean?
HIRO Media Launches New Programmatic Ad-Filtering Solution
PubMatic Launches Private-Marketplace Guaranteed Deals And Curated Audiences Offerings
Google And Facebook Devour Ad And Data Pie -- Scraps For Everyone Else
How Walled Gardens Hinder Brands' In-House Programmatic Dream
Why Marketers Still Can't Figure Out Their Data
Zenith Downgrades 2016 Global Ad Outlook, Accelerates Mobile's Tipping Point To 2017
New Insights On TV Everywhere, Millennials' OTT Habits
Real-Time Daily - Friday, June 17, 2016
Is 'Programmatic' Becoming A Dirty Word?
Chocolate By Vdopia Partners With Pixalate On Mobile Video Technology
Collective Closes $34M Funding Round With Ad-Tech Reporting Solution
Political Dollars Will Be Directed To PMPs Vs. Programmatic Guaranteed
Why Offline Media Is Programmatic's Next Great Opportunity
Rising Q1 Programmatic Video Inventory; Higher Pricing
Ad Fraudster Rizack Sentenced Prison
What Is Predictive Modeling -- And Why Should Publishers Take Notice?
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