Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for July 2016
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 15, 2016
PMX Agency Rebrands, Aids Integration Efforts
Microsoft Bing To Hold Agency Awards
Americans Ask Google To Help Find Pikachu, Eevee
Google Finds Web Video Viewability Rates Of 62% In U.S.
Dentsu Acquires WIS, Integrates Into iProspect
Yahoo To Generate 1.5% of Worldwide Digital Ad Dollars This Year
How To Choose A Domain Name
How To Build Smaller Keyword Sets For Better Campaign Results
Google Mobile CPCs For Branded Terms Rise Up To 30%
Microsoft Likely Missing Windows 10 Installation Goals
Verizon Will Stop Publishing Phone Books In New York
Thank You, Networks, For Tallying Your Emmy Nominations So I Don't Have To
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 14, 2016
Pokeconomy Takes Ad Cue From Google, Adds Location-Based Ads
Search Data Shows Sharing Economy On The Rise
Programmatic Video Buys On YouTube Up 55% MoM
Google Search Spend Declines 1%, Mobile Jumps 55% In Q2
Rokkan, REI Are Happy Campers
EU Files Fresh Charges Against Google
Google To Launch Indie Games Festival
Google Acquires Kifi Team To Work On Spaces
Bing, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter Become DNC, RNC Live Streaming Options
Google Fiber Launches In Charlotte
Cue: Apple Has No Plans To Create TV Shows
Nest Unveils Outdoor Cam
Google Ends Fight With Mississippi Attorney General, Touts Anti-Piracy Efforts
How 'Live'Do We Want Our Streaming Video?
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Amazon's Flash Dance May Make Marketers Rethink Search On Prime Day
PebblePost Takes Programmatic Addressable TV Concepts To Offline Direct Mail
Digital Driving 92% Of Business Calls
Google, Shutterstock, Licensing Deal Automatically Chooses Images For Ads
Media's Secret Weapon In The War On Facebook
Google Defends Anti-Piracy Efforts Amid Criticism From Music, Content Creators
BitTorrent News Launches at Republican National Convention
Rokkan, REI Are Happy Campers
Microsoft Moves Bing Speech API Into A New Brand, Cognitive Services
Google: How To Setup Remarketing Tags
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Google Introduces Features To Aid Travel Shoppers
Google Makes Changes To PLA Broad Product Queries
Google Gives Boost To Project Fi Wireless Service
Q&A With Accenture Interactive Content Studio's Donna Tuths
Nearly Half Of Yahoo Excalibur Patent Portfolio Likely Invalid, Unenforceable, Data Suggests
WordPress Plug-In Flaw Fixed In Latest Update
Pokemon Go Maker Calls Full Access To Google Data A Mistake
'Nearby Notifications' Beacons Used To Launch BFG Remake
Making Media Better Than Ever: Q&A With Elite's Ben Kirshner
How Email Behavioral Triggers Differ Between Agencies, In-House
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, July 11, 2016
Microsoft Uses DNA To Show Advertisers How It Will Advance Cloud Storage
Google To Train 2 Million Developers In India
Belfast Telegraph Sees Likeness Of Simon Hamilton In Google Ad
Primed For Battle, Walmart Offers Free Shipping For 5 Days
China To Implement Tax Rules For Online Ads, Hits Search, Email Hard
Facebook Sued Over Palestinian Attacks
5 Best Practices In A Converging World Of Screens
USA Network Builds Buzz For 'Mr Robot' Season 2 Premier, Live Social Media Leak
Trends Drive Decline In Consumer Trust
Lawmakers Question FTC About Ad Fraud
Pokemon Go Explores Promise Of Augmented Reality
Pokemon Go Launches As Monster Hit App
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 8, 2016
How To Tip Local SEO In Your Favor To Improve Rankings
Google Acquires Media-Streaming Platform Anvato
How to Navigate Exporting And File Saving Issues In Excel
Google's HTML5 Push Creates Shortage Of Agency, Brand Experts
Olympics Will Be A Second-Screen Bonanza As Fans Watch From Home, Not The Pub
How Hasbro Finds Authenticity In Brand Advocates
Who Goes To Pixar Movies? Not Who You Think
Google: EU Regulators Prepare To Issue Additional Charges
Google Glitch Mistakenly Sends New Site Owner Notification In Search Console
Getting Granular On Native
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 7, 2016
Search Campaigns See Rising Return On Investments In Second-Quarter 2016
CMOs Take Responsibility For Customer Experience
Microsoft COO Leaves For Citadel Securities
Mazda Connects Car Designs With Web Site
Google Now on Tap Adds Translation Feature
BitTorrent Appoints Former CNN Producer To News Director
Google Now On Tap Now Translates App Screens, Barcodes, QR Codes
Who Goes To Pixar Movies? Not Who You Think
Upload, Search For Past Snaps In Memories, A New Snapchat Feature
Google Working On New Android Wear Gadgets
Social Lessons For The Back-To-School Marketer
More Ads On Mobile Screens; More Blocking
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Voice Search Changing The Rules Of Content Creation
Google Acquires Startup Moodstocks, Visual Search For Objects
How Google Quick Answers Benefit Brands
Industry Census Says "Email Sophisticated And Profitable"
Yahoo JAPAN Taps AdMax Local To Automate Search Advertising
Google's Deep Mind To Analyse NHS Data To Combat Blindness
Netflix-Comcast Deal: A Marriage Of Convenience
Publicis Groupe Backs Innovation Startups, 19 IoT Ventures
How To Get 33% More Organic Traffic From Bing, Yahoo
Be Very Afraid, Facebook And Google
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Take Heat In India For Ads Selling Tools To Determine Fetus Sex
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Search Online First And Save Money, Study Finds
Yahoo: Final Round Of Bidding Expected In Two Weeks
Mobile Search Top Source For Calls To Businesses
The Beacons Are Coming. The Beacons Are Coming.
Image Search Shows Brits Call For Second Referendum
HTTPS Moves To 30% Of Sites
A Possibly Premature Post-Mortem Of Yahoo
77% Of Companies Plan To Increase Content Marketing Budgets
OMG Snapchat Is Full Of Lame Old People Now Too
Google And Facebook Also Considered Buying LinkedIn
How Data Influences All Ad Campaigns
Weaving Channel-Specific Content For An Expanding Brand
Mobile Video To Hit $25B Globally In 5 Years
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, July 1, 2016
Mayer Mum On Yahoo Bids, Reveals Other Tidbits To Investors
eBay AMPs Mobile Pages For eCommerce With Help From Google
Microsoft CEO Nadella's First Book 'Hit Refresh' Scheduled For Release In 2017
Bing Adds Quizzes To Search Experience
Are Words (In Email Marketing Messages) So Last-Century?
Going For Olympic Gold In Digital Marketing
How Search Experts Can Speak C-Suite Language
Brexit Could Splinter Advertising Market Even Further
Google Names Next Android OS, Nougat
Q2 Media M&A Deals Slow Down, Digital Gains
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