Search Marketing Daily Editions for July 2019
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, July 19, 2019
Microsoft Cites LinkedIn's Contribution During Earnings Call
Google Focuses On Niche Local Events To Gain More Data
Amazon Changing Its Rules For Third-Party Sellers Worldwide, Germany Drops Investigation
How Streaming Service Subscribers Discover Content
Microsoft Reports $33.7B Q4 Earnings
Ad Trackers On Porn Sites: Yet Another Diamond In Internet's Crown
eBay Awards Global Media Assignment To MediaCom
Data Firm Giant Partners Acquires Worxstudio Agency
Quality Content Boosts In-View Times For Advertisers
How GDPR Affects Authentication: An Analysis
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 18, 2019
Amazon, Google Questioned By Congress About Manipulating Algorithms
Paid Search Gets Majority Of Digital Budget Amid Privacy, Tracking, Ad-Blocking Concerns
Algolia Search Puts Focus On Speed, Personalization, Voice
How AI Blurs The Line Between Display, Search, Native And Programmatic
Google Sued Over 'Voiceprint' Collection
McClatchy, Google To Launch Digital News Outlet In Youngstown, Ohio
Snap Inc. Extends Sales Partnership With Baidu
Amazon Is Next In Line For A Hefty EU Fine
Google Blocking Viagogo Over Touting Allegations
Outlook Upgrade Is Meant To Overtake Gmail
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Google's Political Ad Transparency Data Reportedly Fraught With Errors
Kantar Sees Specialty Advertisers Taking Clicks For Back-To-School Search Campaigns
Local Search Analytics Defines True Local Competitors, Performance
Virtual Assistant Tapped To Drive 'Wicked' Ticket Sales
Mono Bolsters Leadership Team
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 16, 2019
How Many Changes Annually Does Google Make To Its Search Platform?
Trump To Look Into Google-China Ties
Brands Can Track In-Store Visits, Lift To OTT, CTV Ads Served
Luxottica Agrees To $5.9 Million Settlement Over Search Ad Restrictions
Email Dominates Conversational Marketing: Report
Tech Giants Are Unclear On New French Tax
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, July 15, 2019
Changes To How Facebook Lets Users Opt Out Of Targeted Ads
Microsoft Creates Blueprint For Successful Customer Experiences Backed By Data And AI
Google Working On AI In China Has Billionaire Peter Thiel, Others Raising Major Concerns
FTC Urged To Investigate Editorial Decisions At Google, Facebook And Twitter
Brands Begin To Hit Roadblocks With Real-Time Ad Bidding And Targeting
Amazon Continues To Dominate Big 5 Advertising ROI, Facebook's Outlook Improves
Voice Leak Scandal -- Is This Google's Cambridge Analytica Moment?
Google Assistant Tapped For Moon Landing Anniversary
How Palantir Enables ICE To Target Illegal Immigrants
Google Under Irish Investigation For Data Leaks
Microsoft Changes Cortana To Integrate With Amazon Alexa
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, July 12, 2019
Google Shoelace: A What-If Hyperlocal Ad, Maps, Recommendations Engine
Amazon Prime Day Drives Loyalty, Yet Return Rate Remains A Challenge
LinkedIn Introduces Pricing Model To Align With New Marketing Objectives
IAB Study Finds TV Ads Still Best At Generating Awareness, Even For D2C Brands
Google Launches Shoelace App, Connects People With Shared Interests
Coupons: Digital, Mobile Still Haven't Dethroned Print
Cheetah Digital Acquires Wayin To Build Zero-Party Data Capability
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, July 11, 2019
Most SMBs View Positive And Negative Reviews As Critical
API Automates LinkedIn Ads Performance Reporting
Google Makes Real-Time Triggers Available For Sporting Events, Live TV
Consumers Dislike Targeted Ads, Resent Privacy Intrusion
Study Shows High Consumer Awareness For Drones, VR, Cryptocurrency
California Lawmakers Reject Key Revision To Privacy Law
US Considers Retaliatory Tariffs For French Digital Tax. UK Next?
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Google It, Then Fact Check it
Amazon, NHS Unveil Partnership That Relies On Alexa To Dole Out Medical Advice
Microsoft Advertising Announces Ad Customizers For All Accounts
Earned Media Gains Access To Improved Attribution, Analytics, Monitoring
Report Finds Ad Fraud Approaching One-Fifth Of User Traffic
California Lawmakers Reject Key Revision To Privacy Law
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Behavioral Shifts In Voice Search Demonstrate Need For SEO
Apple Prime: Is It Time?
Signpost Raises $50M In Late-Stage Funding
Local Ads To Hit $148.8 Billion In 2019, Traditional Media Share Drops
Firm Claims It Was Cut Off From G Suite Data And Emails
Global Ad Consensus Continues Downward Revision For 2019
California Considers Amending New Privacy Law
Social Is Stalling As Trust Dips And Ad Growth Halves
Google To Acquire Elastifile, Expanding Cloud Storage
Are Some Android Apps Taking Data Without Permission?
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, July 8, 2019
Zenith Media Report Shows Small Businesses Spend All Their Ad Budgets Online
Customized Messages And What Brands Need To Focus On
Why Do Consumers Buy? Behavioral Data Gives Non-D2C Brands Answers
YouTube Can't Fix Children's Privacy By Blocking Behavioral Targeting, Watchdogs Say
Facebook Members Give Advertisers More Fodder For Ad Targeting
TV's Role In Global Ad Market Continues To Erode: Internet, OOH Ascendant
AAF Names Google's Levy, UM's Lewis To Lead Its Board
Amazon Adds Alexa 'Skill Connections'
Mozilla Testing Sub-Based News Service
CNBC Reporter Says We Deleted Gmails But Shopping Data Is Still There
Google Offers Europeans Mobile Browser Choice
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