Television News Daily Editions for January 2014
Television News Daily - Friday, Jan. 17, 2014
DirecTV, Weather Channel Battle Inspires Rivals To Up Game
Is Fox's 'American Idol' Suddenly Too Sweet For Its Own Good?
Native Advertising: The Marketing Trend That Dare Not Speak Its Name (Unless Required)
Netflix Driving Higher Earnings, More Subscribers
Developing A TV Show Amid Rushed Consumers, Demanding Marketers
YouTube Debuts Super Bowl XLVIII Ads
Why TV Ad Spend Will Grow More Than Digital Spend In The Next Five Years
AT&T Drops 'Idol' Sponsorship
Omaha Is Calling: Words To The Promotionally Minded Athlete
Coldwell Banker Creates Pre-Launch Buzz
Tearing Down The Fourth Wall: Next Generation Content Reboot
How To Plan A 'Viral' Video
Mag Bag: NBC To Air 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Special
Study: Combined Twitter-TV Ads 35% More Effective Than TV Ads Alone
NEW! A Little Less Conversation Needed In Nokia Lumia 1520 Ad
Is That A Dongle on Your TV...And Would You Like on Chomecast?
Wearable Computer Gear Is Catching Fire
Twitch's Long Game: 58% Of Its Viewers Watch 20 Hours a Week
Mobile Sales Pass Online at Video Streaming Service
...But The Revolution WILL Be Streamed
Television News Daily - Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014
Rentrak Gets CBS' Rating, Becomes First Broadcast Net To Use It As 'Currency'
Living Life Without CBS -- Or, Does Broadcast TV Matter?
Searching for the Pre-Super Bowl Ad Hysteria? It's Not There
Video Strategy: Life Beyond YouTube
CW Audience Expands, Advertisers Buy In
Go For The (DVD) Burn: Fitness Videos Are The New Entertainment
Perrette Named President, Discovery International
How to Seemingly Get Some Information
Media Products For 2017- Yet To Be Invented
They Have Consumers At 'Hello'
Teens Up Usage For Connected TVs, Mobile
Taking A Second On The Second Screen
"Ten Resolutions with 7Up Ten" Is Mean-Spirited And Terrible
Planet Fitness Pokes Fun At Fitness Fanatics
Coull Puts Video Inventory On LiveRail Platform
NEW! Evil Snowmen Are No Match For The Nissan Rogue
Gatorade Silences Manning Critics With '51 And Counting'
Netflix To Stream 'Marco Polo' Series Later This Year
Carl's Jr. Appreciates Great Buns
'Financial Times' Premieres Samsung Smart TV App Should Help AOL Bottom Line, Says
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014
Super Bowl Spots Pull Record High, Commercial Time Rising
Fox's Comedy Dilemma: Why Aren't 'Raising Hope' And 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' More Successful?
If Aereo Wins, Broadcast Sky Will Not Fall
CBS' Tassler Keeps Faith With Pilot Season
Controlling The Pipes But Not Yet The Content
A-B Details Super Bowl Ad Lineup
Christie And The Garden State Packed With Broken Heroes
App And Web Use Diminishing Weather Channel's TV Value, DirecTV Claims
Consumers Lukewarm On Second-Screen Content, But Opportunity Lies In Ad Breaks
Local Media Forecast To Rise Single Digits, Digital Expands
Measuring Emotion: Q&A With New Media Metrics' Gary Reisman
ANA, Advertising Coalition Denounce Proposed Ad Tax Changes
Will Streaming Video Be Wrestling's Killer Move?
The Failure Of Facebook Auto-Play Video
Levy Exits Disney-ABC, Schulman Becomes SVP, Syndication Sales
Princess Cruises Launches $20 Million Effort
Mitsubishi Electric Keeps Golfers Cool Under Pressure Should Help AOL Bottom Line, Says
Fox Drops Out Of Pilot Season
Hollywood Takes Its Show To Super Bowl XLVIII
Amazon Is Tougher Competition Than Netflix Might Know
Honda Gets Top Awards for Motor Trend's Ad of the Year in Broadcast, Online Categories
Viral Video du Jour: Fallon, Springsteen's Christie-gate Parody of 'Born to Run'
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014
Will Syfy's 'Opposite Worlds' Take The TV/Twitter Relationship To A New Level?
Oh, The Gravity: DirecTV Throws The Weather Channel Out Of Its Orbit
Second-Screen Syncs Not THAT 'Enjoyable' For Viewers
Time Warner Cable Board Rejects Charter's Bid
In-Screen NFC-TV Coming for Your Reach
Q4 Broadcast Ads Up 4.7%, Early 2014 Scatter TV Down
Will Streaming Video Be Wrestling's Killer Move?
Sony Electronics Wants To Move You
Number of Video Ads Seen Triples in a Year, And So Does Time Spent Watching Them
Fox's Reilly Claims Nielsen Is Outdated, Pushes For Cross-Platform Metrics Acceptance
The Failure Of Facebook Auto-Play Video
Gilbarco Acquires Outcast Media
Jaguar Preps Big Super Bowl Kickoff For F-Type
'Mad Men' Sets ETA For New Season
Television News Daily - Monday, Jan. 13, 2014
With Tina Fey And Amy Poehler As Hosts, The Golden Globes Are TV's Top Awards Show
NowThis Now Part Of NBCU News: Second Investment/Content Mashup In As Many Weeks
Muppets Take The Globes In Ad That Made It All Worthwhile
Golden Globes Brings Ratings Luster To NBC
Gear And Clothing In Las Vegas: Special CES Correspondence
YouTube, DreamWorks Animation To Co-Produce Original Programming
Supreme Court To Decide Whether To Shutter Aereo
Media M&A Stats Solid, Value Skyrockets To $97B In 2013
Can't See the Forest OR the Trees: The Video Viewability Problem
'The Guardian' To Launch Private Video Ad Marketplace With
StarKist's 'Charlie' Gets Makeover
PubMatic Debuts Video Ad-Serving Tech
'Mad Men' Sets ETA For New Season
Golden! Netflix Gets First Globe
Dick Clark Productions Enjoys 'Unlikely Comeback'
Television News Daily - Friday, Jan. 10, 2014
CES Showcases Tech, Relevance For Marketers Unclear
'Mad Men,' 'Doctor Who,' 'Orange Is The New Black': The Ten Best Series Of 2013 - Part 3
Seeing Trees And Forest: Consumer Electronics' Media And Marketing Connections
WWE Network Debuts Streaming Video Channel
Cable Networks Face Competition In Unexpected Categories
TV Nets Don't Synchronize Cross-Platform Screens
TV - Not Dying. Diversifying.
Native Advertising Predicted To Dominate Digital In 2014
So Internet Video Is in the Stone Age? What's Wrong with Raw?
TV May Benefit From Decline In Moviegoing
Three Television/Video Advances I'd Like To See In 2014
Discovery Rebrands Military Channel Into American Heroes Channel
Five Trends That Will Define Branded Video In 2014
The Gold Of P&G: What Your Brand Can Learn
Survey: Fewer Americans Recognize Top TV News Anchor
Amazon Signs Deal To Stream CBS' 'Extant'
Time Warner Cable Loses 215,000 Customers In Q4
'Sync-Watching' Is Letting Geo-Separated Friends, Couples Watch Together
What's a Good Online Video Ad Worth? It Depends
Hulu, Revolt Give Tips on the Care and Feeding of Young Demo
Television News Daily - Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014
Analysts Tout Nielsen Dominance Of Online Ratings, One Puts A Number On It: $200 Million
'Game of Thrones,' 'Masters of Sex,' 'Broadchurch': The Ten Best TV Series of 2013 - Part Two
TV Everywhere: More Like TV Somewhere
Simulmedia Opens Up: Offers 2 New Ad Tools
With Roku TV, Connected TV Takes a Giant, Wild Leap Forward
Ace Metrix Reveals Most Effective 2013 TV Ad Brands
As Over-The-Top Viewing Grows, Those Users Spend More On Video
Media Buyers Predict Spending Uptick On Big Cable Networks
CES: Cars, TVs and Spreading the Buy Around
CBS Begins 'Extant' This Summer With Amazon Deal
Despite Court Battles, Aereo Attracts $34M From Investors
Real-Time With Mark Lieberman, Viamedia's New CEO, On Data-Driven TV Ads
Atkins Teams Osbourne With Rabbit, Bird
Honda Targets Young Hispanics with 'Gol! Gol!' Campaign
Civic Is One More Thing To Love About Today
EOS Lip Balm Brings Added Joy To Idyllic Town
NBC Prepares For Stressful, Perhaps Higher-Rated Olympics
AOL's Armstrong at CES, Talks Up
Behavioral Advertising Growing, But It Can Be Creepy
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014
Consumers Believe Mobile Will Replace TV By 2022, Most Prefer Content Live
'The Good Wife,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'Downton Abbey': The Ten Best TV Series Of 2013 - Part One
TV Everywhere vs. Everywhere TV
Sony To Start Video, Subscription Game Service For U.S.
Boyz To Men: Old Spice Presents Bar Mitzvah In A Bottle
Agency Execs Consider New Media Options, Alongside TV
HOLLYWIRED: Mad Men On The Moon
TiVo's Second-Screen Service Sees Strong Results
Wearing A TV Show? Or Already Weary Of Wearable Tech?
Hulu Continues Search For 'Original' Hits
Real-Time With Mark Lieberman, Viamedia's New CEO, On Data-Driven TV Ads
Second Screens Can Drive Viewers To TV
CES: Cars, TVs and Spreading the Buy Around
Parsing The Media Prognosticators
Can Netflix Sustain Subscriber Growth?
TBS Teams With Mobile App Drync For "Cougar Town" Promo
Edward Jones Shows Commitment To 'Extra Mile'
CNBC Questions Analyst Who Blacklisted Apple On Moral Grounds
Nielsen, comScore Update Apps On
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014
'General Hospital,' 'Face Off,' 'Lassie': A Top Ten List For 2013 That You Didn't See Anywhere Else - Part 2
From The 'Big 3' To 'Big Data:' TV Audience Targeting Comes Of Age
New Nielsen Marketing Chief Helped Schwarzenegger Live Up To Promise, 'I'll Be Back'
2014: The Year Of 4K TV Content, Distribution
Fandango Embeds Ticketing Options In Smart TVs
Brightcove Acquires Unicorn Media To Improve Video Ad Insertions
Reality Shows Aim For Viewer Boost And Viral Buzz With New Promo Efforts
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut: Colbert Touts Wonderful Pistachios
Media Giants Get 60+% Of Profits From Cable Nets
Cincinnati TV Station Will Put In-Depth Multimedia-Style News Reports Behind a Paywall
New Innovid/Cisco Tool Matches Ad on Second Screen to Words Being Spoken on TV Shows
TiVo Has Its CES Head in The Cloud
'Daily Grace' Leaves YouTube's My Damn Channel, and Also Stays Right There
Michael Bay On Stage Meltdown at CES Samsung Event
Advertisers As News Sources, Pop Music Hits That Are Ads: An Unruly Vision of the Future
Who's Going To Shoot Your Corporate Video?
Television News Daily - Monday, Jan. 6, 2014
GroupM Addresses Addressability, Taps Bologna To Run New Advanced TV Ad Targeting Unit
'House Hunters,' 'Tosh.0,' 'The Soup': A Top Ten List For 2013 That You Didn't See Anywhere Else - Part 1
4K Offers Lower Prices, Higher Picture Quality -- But Which U.S. Network Will Offer It First?
ActiveVideo, BrightLine Team To Enhance Interactive Ad Campaigns On TV, Cross-Platform
New Innovid/Cisco Tool Matches Ad on Second Screen to Words Being Spoken on TV Shows
H&M Super Bowl Spot Lets Viewers Buy Beckham's Bodywear Via TV Remote
A Nasty Pile-Up At The Indie 50000
Yahoo Sports App Relaunches With Novel Animated GIF Maker
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
CES Kicks Off With Biometrics, Smart TVs And Car Stuff
Jillian Michaels Partners With Curves
Giganettv's Real-Time Content Streams To Debut
Soap Operas Rebound In Q3
Cincinnati TV Station Will Put In-Depth Multimedia-Style News Reports Behind a Paywall
'Two' CBS Comedies Drive FCC Complaints
PlayOn Introducing New Software for XBox One.
Did CBS Films Violate Twitter Ad Policy?
The Amazing Story of How Pantene's Viral Video Came to Be
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