Media Buyers Predict Spending Uptick On Big Cable Networks

A survey of upcoming TV media activity says 40% to 50% of media buyers and advertising executives expect to see increases in spending on 10 top cable networks and one broadcast network over the next 12 months, according to Beta Research.

ESPN got the top score -- with 50% of media agency and advertising executives saying they plan to raise spending on the network. Other big votes for higher spending went to TNT, 47%; HGTV, 46%; History, 46%; TBS, 46%; Discovery Channel, 45%; Food Network, 45%; USA Network, 42%; A&E, 42%; and AMC, 42%.

Among the broadcasters, ABC got the best results -- with 41% of media executives expecting to see more spending on that network. CBS was at 39%; NBC, 36%; and Fox, 27%.

When it comes to evaluating creative and innovative multiplatform opportunities, media executives gave high marks to ESPN/ABC Sports, 64%; Scripps Networks, 64%; Discovery Networks, 62%; MTV, 58%; Turner Entertainment, 54%; and Bravo, 53%. Among the broadcast networks, media executives put ABC on top with a 53% number; Fox, 49%; NBC, 46%; and CBS, 42%.

Research was based on telephone interviews were between July and October 2013 with 225 advertising media professionals -- 154 from ad agencies and 71 from advertisers. The study measured 43 basic cable networks and four major broadcast networks.



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