• Priest Gives Newspaper Exorcism For Political Bias
    If you think media bias is a problem in this country, you ain't seen nuthin. Just consider Poland, where the problem has become so bad, it has to get priests to deliver exorcisms to newspapers. Yes, you read that right.
  • Tribune Publishing Company Shares Continue To Drop, Spelling Trouble
    Company shares of Tribune Publishing Company dropped by 15.85% during the past week and dropped 5.28% in the last four weeks, according to News Watch International. Tribune Publishing Company has under-performed the index by 4.78% in the last month.
  • 'Las Vegas Review-Journal' Editor Wants To Know Who's In Charge
    Usually it's not too hard to figure out who your boss is: just locate the corner office and if you see someone leaving early with golf clubs, bingo! However, things aren't that simple for employees of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, recently acquired by a person or persons who wish to remain anonymous.
  • Alibaba Buys 'South China Morning Post,' Plans More Positive China Coverage
    Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba is snapping up the English-language South China Morning Post, based in Hong Kong, in what Alibaba describes as an effort to counter negative portrayals of China by foreign media outlets.
  • Glutton For Punishment: Tribune Prepares Bid For 'OC Register'
    Tribune Publishing is doubling down with a bid for yet another troubled Southern California newspaper, the 'Orange County Register.' The acquisition would also give Tribune control of the 'Riverside Press-Enterprise,' gaining control of most of the major Southern California newspapers.
  • Lifestyle Content Looms Large in 'NYT' Most Read List
    The New York Times' Upshot blog, which specializes in 'splaining things with numbers and stuff, published an analysis of the newspaper's most read articles in 2015 - Lifestyle and service content dominated the list.
  • Oh Noel! Newspaper Publishes Santa Obit by Mistake
    Children in Norway received a traumatic surprise last week when Aftenposten, the country's second-largest newspaper, mistakenly published an obituary for Santa Claus on the newspaper's Web site, where it quickly went viral.
  • With Gun Control Op-ed, 'NYT' Preaches To The Choir
    Following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 dead, 'The New York Times' took the unprecedented step of running an op-ed on the front page of its print edition, for the first time in 95 years. But the piece was intellectually hollow.
  • Whoops! 'Financial Times' Error Sends Markets Scrambling
    'The Financial Times' demonstrated its broad reach and deep engagement with market makers when it seriously muffed a report on the European Central Bank's heavily scrutinized decision on interest rates, briefly cause the euro exchange rate to rise against the dollar.
  • Newspapers Warned On Pot Ads
    While the spreading legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational uses stands to produce many subsidiary economic benefits, in areas ranging from food delivery to the flagging black light industry, newspapers may not be able to cash in on this emerging opportunity, at least through advertising.
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