Study Indicates Ads Placed In News Media -- Especially Print -- Outperform Social

Ads placed in news media consistently outperform ads on Facebook and YouTube, according to a study conducted by Australia’s ThinkNewsBrands.

The cross-platform analysis found that while ads in both print and digital news publications perform better than ads in the social media channels, print ads specifically had a much greater …

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  1. Tom Chillot from TMA Direct, August 24, 2021 at 9:08 a.m.

    Thx Colin - excellent study and summary! While I'm not typically quick to defend our digital brethren, there's one glaring hole to this: The cost differential. 100% agree that the cognitive impact, recall, etc. is much stronger within print and news media due to the reasons you cite, the cost to run such ads are extreme relative to social - which I personally deplore but must defend in this case.

    I would be interested in seeing a bottom line comparison of each medium. That is, whatever primary KPI utilized in the study as most compelling (e.g. "Brand Recognition") shown in comparison to less expensive social media, better analyzed as "Cost per Instance of Brand Recognition". That likely levels the playing field as to true performance of each channel when cost is factored into the equation.

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