AI & IoT Daily Editions for September 2019
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Sept. 20, 2019
Walgreens To Start Deliveries By Drone
IBM Watson Targets Fantasy Football Enthusiasts
National CineMedia Starts New Advertising Segment In Movie Theaters
Google Ads Makes Store Visits Available In Smart Bid Optimization
Facebook Launches Ads Consumers Can Play With
Roku Profiles "A New Generation" Of Cord Cutters
Will Google Become An Energy Broker To Power Internet Technology?
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019
52% Of Consumers Worry About Passive Listening By Their Voice Assistants
Starbucks, Alibaba Launch Voice Ordering In China
New Voice Tech Ties Direct Mail To Personal Assistants
TiVo Survey: OTT Viewing Time Approaching Live TV
Data Breaches A Global Problem Under GDPR: Study
T-Mobile Blisters Verizon 5G Launch In New York, Starts #VerHIDEzon Sites
Fake Product Reviews Drive Companies To Form Stronger Technology Partnerships
BrightEdge Acquires Trilibis Technology, Forms M&A Team, Builds Tech To Automate SEO
Dunkin' App Refresh Expands Mobile Ordering, Helps Personalize Offers
A Data-Driven, Tech-Enabled Media Approach: Q&A With Hershey's Charlie Chappell
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019
Self-Driving Car Startup Raises Another $31 Million
Pinterest Lens Continues To Change Visual Search
Is Your Chatbot A Good Listener?
Facilitating Conversation Between AI, Voice: Q&A
What Does Your Personal Tech Stack Look Like?
Email Morale: Consumers Are Checking Their Inboxes Less, Adobe Reports
Costa Coffee Launches IoT Vending Machines
GoDaddy Debuts Email/SEO Product For SMBs
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019
Facial Recognition Expanding To More Airports
Amazon Wants Privacy Battle Over Voiceprints Sent To Arbitration
More NFL Fans Move To Streaming Platforms As Season Begins
Remote Payments For Digital, Physical Goods Forecast To Hit $6 Trillion In 5 Years
Central Banks Grill Facebook Over Libra Cryptocurrency Plans
Police Concerned That AI Could Be Biased
Google Makes Algorithmic Updates To Reviews In Search
Survey: Streaming Subscribers Would Pay $33 For Services; 75% Claim No Interest In New Ones
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Sept. 16, 2019
New Car Buyers Not Looking For Self-Driving Feature
Ford Gauges Brand Impact Of Press Coverage Via Onclusive
Bob Iger Departs Apple Board On Same Day Apple TV+ Details Announced
Facebook To Offer New Tools For Video Creators
Amazon Market Share Slips In Niche Categories
PepsiCo's PepCoin Loyalty Program Sends Rewards To PayPal, Venmo
App Cancels Subscriptions After Free Trials Offer Ends
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Sept. 13, 2019
Airbus Plans In-Plane Tracking, Including Passenger Bathroom Visits
Cadillac Unveils Vehicle On Instagram
Yes, Jobs Are Being Automated -- But A Robot Tax Won't Help
Audible Asks Court To Throw Out Lawsuit Over Book Captions
From Cannabis To Crypto: Growth-Marketing Framework For Frontier Industries
Microsoft, Disney Ink Cloud Deal To Find New Ways To Distribute Content
AI Investment In The UK Hits A Record High
Cart Abandonment Hits 84.24%: Study
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019
153 Million Wrist-Worn Wearables Projected To Ship This Year
Is Programmatic Ignoring GDPR? Why Is Ads.txt Adoption So Low?
Streaming Success Depends On Bundling. Apple TV+ Gets It
HubSpot Uses Tech To Keep Employees Informed
Why Email Marketing Survives And Thrives
Apple TV+ And Apple Arcade To Cost Brits GBP4.99 A Month Each
MPs Urge Government To Ban 'Loot Boxes' In Children's Games
Facebook Is Hit With Widespread Outages: Report
Yelp Introduces Connect And Waitlist For Restaurants
New Software From Human Automation Tracks Digital Footprint
Dave & Buster's Hopes New App, More Digital Ads, Will Increase Repeat Visits
Wi-Fi Worries: Consumers Use Public Services Despite Privacy Fears
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019
PC Shipments On The Decline
Apple TV+ To Launch Nov. 1, At $4.99, Or Free With Devices
Top Barriers To Consumer Adoption Of Virtual Reality: Hardware And Content
Taylor Swift Reportedly Threatened To Sue Microsoft Over AI Chatbot
Adobe Builds Photoshop-Inspired Analytics Tool
WPP, InMobi Group Strike Mobile Marketing Alliance
Apple Shifts The Direction Of Its Pricing
GDPR Truants: Less Than Half Are Fully Complying
LG To Run Ads On Its TV Start-Up Screens
Sainsbury's Drops Trial For A Supermarket Without Tills
Google Is Working On Gmail-Calendar Security Issue
Microsoft Office 365 Users Get Anti-Phishing Tool
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019
Consumers Warm To In-Car Tech Adds Real-Time Analytics For Apple News
Virtual Pay TV Services 'Use' Down Versus A Year Ago
TiVo: Number Of OTT Services Used Soars To 7.2
Using VR Technology To Give Pitches An Extra Pop
The 'Irish Terrier' Behind Google's GDPR Probe In Dublin
Royal Society Urges Caution Over Links Between Brains And Machines
Only China And US Outspend UK On Artificial Intelligence
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Sept. 9, 2019
The Rise Of Smart Home Products
Pushed By 'Hearables,' Wearable Shipments Grow 85%
Daimler Starts Testing Automated Trucks On Public Roads
5G Projected To Grow Smartphone Market
Xfinity Stream Now On LG Smart TVs, Fox Nation Added As Xfinity Paid Option
ProtonMail Denies 'Partnership' With Huawei
1 In 5 Brits Are Not Internet Users
Apple Changes Its App Store Search Algorithm
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