• Mobile Messaging Can Impact Purchasing
    The increased focus on mobile brand loyalty means marketers must refrain from over-communicating and over-targeting, as a symbiotic relationship with the customer is necessary for effective advertising and return on investment. Consumers’ tendency to rely on their mobile devices and bring them everywhere they go makes it easier for brands to reach potential customers with the tap of a push notification or banner ad.
  • Burger King Adds MasterPass Mobile Payments
    Burger King’s decision to offer MasterCard’s MasterPass alongside PayPal’s payment options speaks to its desire to market to Android customers and suggests more quick service marketers will broaden their mobile payment partners rather than rely on a single platform. Burger King is adding MasterPass into its eponymous mobile application, while fellow food marketer Firehouse Subs will accept payments via the platform on its online ordering site.
  • Uber Partners for Global Payments
    Adyen, a leading global payments technology company, announced an expansion of its existing partnership with Uber – powering payments for the ride-hailing company’s users in Casablanca, Morocco. Uber, now live in 58 countries, teamed up with Adyen to enable local users in Morocco to pay with locally issued credit and debit cards. Adyen is a leading payments technology company that provides businesses a single global platform to accept payments anywhere in the world. Driven by a vision to improve customer experience, streamline processes and ultimately increase revenue, Adyen enables businesses to process payments across online, mobile and Point-of-Sale (POS) with over 250 payment ...
  • Buy-It-Now Buttons Being Added to Aid Mobile Purchasing
    Perhaps you’ve had this experience: you’re on your smartphone and you find something you want to purchase. Unfortunately, when you get to the checkout they want you to type in all of your information. Many people have found this to be such an inconvenience on a tiny phone screen they wait until they get to their computer to enter the necessary information.
  • Highest Spenders Turning to Digital Shopping
    Those with the highest spending power in the United States overwhelmingly prefer online shopping, with 72 percent buying via ecommerce in the last three months, according to new research by Unity Marketing. While online retail still only accounts for a fraction of the sales seen in bricks-and-mortar outlets, it has seen a steeper steady growth over the past 10 years, with a 113 percent increase to traditional retail’s 17 percent rise in the same period.
  • McDonald's Tapping In-App Coupons
    McDonald’s is tiptoeing behind its competitors by rolling out a mobile application to United States consumers this fall, but could reclaim some of its flagging revenue with in-app coupons. During its second quarter earnings call, the fast food marketer claimed it is testing mobile ordering for U.S. markets and will introduce a mobile app for domestic customers, adding to its plentiful mobile offerings abroad. 
  • Starbucks Touts Digital Tech Over Ads
    We’ve long held up Starbucks as a prime example of a company that has used digital transformation to optimum effect. Late last week, the coffee giant announced its latest set of numbers and once again that digital investment is paying off in spades. Net income for the quarter ended June 28 rose to $626.7 million, from $512.6 million, while revenues rose 18% to $4.88 billion.
  • Marketers Warm to In-App Messaging
    Marketers have been slow to embrace in-app messaging for fear of creating a spam-like experience and because of the priority put on drawing in new users, potentially missing out on a key strategy for boosting and maintaining engagement as a result. Only one third of marketers with mobile applications leverage in-app messaging, but this is starting to change as marketers focus more on retaining and monetizing their app users.
  • Companies Partner for Money Management App
    Santander UK has launched a group money management app called KiTTi which allow 100 friends to create collective pots of money and pay through the KiTTi prepaid contactless MasterCard. The first virtual “cash kitty” of its kind allows users to create collective pots of money, monitor and manage transactions. Customers of any UK bank can download the app, set up a kitty, invite their friends and start sharing money.
  • Exponential Growth for Mobile Commerce Projected
    Grand View Research has published a new report that shows that the global mobile commerce solution market will see exponential growth in the coming years. This growth is being attributed to accelerating smartphone adoption. As more consumers gain access to these devices, they are beginning to use them to shop in a more convenient fashion. This has lead to consumers seeking out efficient and enjoyable solutions that they can use to shop. According to the report, the increasing prevalence of e-commerce in the retail sector is driving the growth of the mobile commerce solutions market. 
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