Where Brooklyn At?


Biggie Smalls vs. DUMBO Digerati

Biggie: "Whole life in Bushwick"
Digerati: Won't go east of Lorimer stop on the L

Biggie: "Super Nintendo, Sega Genisis/ When I was broke I couldn't picture this."
Digerati: Rock Band and Guitar Hero in conference room

Biggie: "Red and Black Lumberjack with the hat to match"
Digerati: Lumberjack shirt and trucker hat

Biggie: "Timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn"
Digerati: Converse All Stars

Biggie: "Putting five karats in my baby girl's ear."
Digerati: Putting organic carrots from Park Slope Food Co-op in baby girl's stomach.

Biggie: "Lexus/ LS/ Four and a half/ Bulletproof glass tints if I want some ass"
Digerati: Commutes on his fixie

Biggie: "Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way"
Digerati: "Fuck Manhattan"

Biggie: "Bitches I like them brainless/ Guns I like them stainless"
Digerati: Favors the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro

Biggie: "I just love your flashy ways."
Digerati: Argues over the use of Flash or HTML5

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