Blood Pressure Kiosks Go Multimedia

If you’ve ever used one of those self-service blood pressure kiosks in a drugstore and said to yourself, “Man, this would be a great advertising platform,” well, someone was listening. AdFlow Health Networks and FrontLine Marketing are finally bringing blood pressure kiosks into the present by integrating them with digital out-of-home video.

Located in national retail pharmacy chains, the new Personal Health Center kiosks will form a network of Web-enabled, multifunctional biometric measurement stations. Along with standard health screening abilities, the kiosks will feature large digital displays and will also allow marketers to deliver personalized product recommendations and print-on-demand coupons. AdFlow and FrontLine hope to attract advertisers in categories including consumer packaged goods, over-the-counter medications, and health and beauty aids.

A number of digital out-of-home networks focused on health care have sprung up in recent years. In May of this year AccentHealth unveiled nine new "condition-specific" networks, which deliver digital video content to waiting rooms targeted according to the types of condition most commonly treated at each location. The networks are focused on diabetes health, heart health, men's health, mental health, senior women's health, rheumatology, allergies, asthma, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. The condition-specific networks feature original content about the relevant condition produced each month. The nine new networks join four established DO networks already operated by AccentHealth.



And in March Adcentricity unveiled its Healthcare Network, consisting of medical and health-oriented touchpoints like pharmacies and doctor offices, all of which are either point-of-care (waiting rooms or patient rooms) or point of transaction (checkout, in-aisle or at pharmacy).

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