How We Chose Our Winners

In an industry so flooded with awards and honors, there are many ways to rank agencies. Some are based on very objective measures, such as billings, growth rate, number of awards won, or effectiveness of their work on behalf of clients. We think those are all valid and, certainly, our winners demonstrate that.
But we’re not shy about saying our methodology is more subjective, eclectic and — we think — meaningful. Within each category, we ranked them in terms of exceptional …

• Vision
• Innovation
• Leadership

Thanks to the many agencies that submitted entries, as well as the generous industry sources and MediaPost writers and editors who weighed in as we went through our evaluations. And a special shout-out to recma, for the chart on page 42, and Forrester Research, including principal analysts Chris Stutzman and Shar VanBoskirk, and senior analyst Sean Corcoran.

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