Turn Strikes First Mobile, Video 'Deal ID' Partnerships

Turn on Wednesday announced upgrades to its marketing platform, including the addition of mobile and video “Deal ID” partners.

The company has tapped Google’s AdX -- which has been a display ad Deal ID partner of theirs -- for mobile inventory. Additionally, the company has partnered with LiveRail for video inventory via Deal ID.

Deal ID is a mix of direct and programmatic trading methods. The publisher and advertiser work out a deal beforehand, but the exchange itself is still carried out via real-time bidding (RTB) -- the deal is flagged and the advertiser gets priority.

Turn also announced it has partnered with Yahoo’s Right Media Exchange for display inventory available via Deal ID.

Turn’s Deal ID partners now include AdX, LiveRail, Right Media Exchange, Index by Casale Media, Improve Digital, Pubmatic, and Rubicon Project.

The company has also upgraded its real-time analytics hub, adding pre-defined queries and making some underlying tech improvements to increase query speed by 17%, the company claimed in the press release.



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