Miguel Cabrera Strikes Out For Chrysler

Chrysler is featuring Major League Baseball MVP Miguel Cabrera in a new campaign for the 2015 200 sedan that offers a new take on the old, tragic baseball poem "Casey at the Bat" where the team home-run king does the unthinkable. 

Except in this version Cabrera comes back after striking out, and after having lifted some weights and hit a few thousand practice balls, and hammers a homer. His efforts to perfect his game are paired with images of the new 200's fit and finish, interior amenities, technology and new looks.

In addition to a 60-second ad, there are two 30-second spots examine the cars' attributes in a bit more detail. One of them --  “In the Right Hands” -- speaks to the fact that the right tool can make something transcendent. 



 As in the past, Chrysler is making Detroit the co-star. Cabrera himself plays for the Detroit Tigers. One of the verses says "There is no joy in Motor City [not Mudville] when Miguel has struck out." And the campaign, via Doner (also in Detroit) is voiced by actor and Michigander Kevin Yon, who also did voiceover for "Born Maker" and the 2011 Super Bowl spot "Born of Fire." 

The new 200 is being assembled in the nearly spanking-new Chrysler plant in Sterling Heights, Mich., which is featured in the new ads, as it was in the "Born Maker," campaign. In the new spot we see the plant’s robots going full steam as Cabrera works out and practices. 

Cabrera inked a deal with Chrysler last year, so this is the second campaign Chrysler has done with the Triple Crown winner. He was also featured in last year's “Road to Greatness” brand campaign that was shown on the American and National League Championship Series and World Series.

The new 2015 200 is a much-needed, and very significant, redesign of a car that competes against cars like the Ford Fusion, Mazda6, Hyundai Sonata, and Chevrolet Malibu. The most visible change to the car, which debuted in Detroit this year, is the exterior, which is much sportier, while there is actually increased interior room. It also gets away from interior plastic, updates the controls and telematics, adds a nine-speed gearbox and gets 36 mpg -- all touted in the new ads. 

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  1. Brooke Molineaux from ASU, September 23, 2014 at 1:29 a.m.

    Chrysler had an interesting way of marketing the 2015 Chrysler 200. Using the Major League Baseballs current MVP, Miguel Cabrera and showing that even champions may not win the first time around but always prevail in the end. I look at this ad as Chrysler admitting that their previous automobiles may have not been as competitive as they should have but now are stepping up to the standards they should have held themselves at all along. The 2015 Chrysler 200 is a new look for the company and provides features that are very important to buyers, I now view Chrysler as a competitive company as before not so much. American’s love sports, especially baseball, something our country is known for and takes pride in; by Chrysler including the MVP, Miguel Cabrera, the company has gained a great amount of respect. A celebrity or star athlete that backs a product automatically gives a company a bit more credit. American’s follow what they know or see by influential people. I believe that many peoples thought process is, if a product is good enough for a certain celebrity or athlete, then it is sure good enough for me to use. The narrator in the commercial has a catchy voice; his poetic tone grabs your attention and even further adds to the experience of the commercial. The commercial is a storyline that gets straight to the point. I like the fact that it is clean cut and just the right amount of time. Informational but not overkill.

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