Consumers Prefer Digital Standalone TV, But Most Wouldn't Cord Cut

Though consumers are interested in the new proposed stand-alone TV services, one report suggests it won’t start a wave of mass cord-cutting — but some channel package trimming could occur.

Hub Entertainment Research says two-thirds (63%) of consumers are somewhat interested and 23% very interested in subscribing to a premium channel online — such as HBO, Showtime — as a digital stand-alone service. Younger consumers (ages 18-34) have a stronger view: 75% are interested, while 31% are very interested.

Some 43% say the “unbundling” of channels would be one of their most wanted TV features in the future.

Still, the research reveals only 13% say they would drop their pay TV completely, and 27% would make no changes to they pay service if they had access to stand-alone channels. However, 32% say if this were available now, they would cut back on their existing cable or satellite subscription.

Research looked at 1,202 TV consumers aged 16 to 74 in November 2014 who watch at least five hours of TV per week and have broadband access



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