Bloomberg, MarketShare Partner For Ad Analytics

Bloomberg Media is looking to deepen its relationships with advertising clients through a new ad analytics and media mix modeling service created in partnership with analytics software firm MarketShare. It is intended to help advertisers optimize their budget allocations across Bloomberg’s various properties by predicting actual business impacts.

The predictive analytics service covers all Bloomberg’s platforms, including online and mobile, TV, print and radio.

The new service, combines Bloomberg’s proprietary data with the Benchmark:Media feature of MarketShare’s DecisionCloud, to help marketers determine the best mix of advertising placements on Bloomberg TV,, Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg BusinessWee

According to Bloomberg head of global marketing Zazie Lucke, the service integrates data from past ad campaigns as well as Bloomberg’s own data about a host of external factors including economic trends, oil prices, weather and other seasonal effects, and consumer sentiment as measured by the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index.



Lucke explained: “We’ve created a model where we can actually link advertising spend not just to the effectiveness of a particular piece of advertising using traditional measures but to a specific business outcome -- providing predictive information on how to get the best return on their investment. It looks at the totality of the economic landscape to show how far your dollar is really taking you.”

Bloomberg developed the service with a pilot version focusing on the luxury automobile category, but plans to extend it to other categories by next year, Lucke said. The company is casting the service as part of a “move away from just how to you reach eyeballs to how do you drive business outcomes.”

It also reflects Bloomberg “moving towards partnership with advertisers, rather than simple transactions. In the future it’s going to be a much more consultative role.”

The financial and business information publisher has been introducing new products and partnerships at a rapid pace in recent months. Last week, Bloomberg signed a long-term agreement with Twitter, giving it access to real-time information from the microblogging platform on behalf of subscribers to the Bloomberg Professional service.

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