Twitter's MoPub Adds Native Video

On Friday, Twitter's MoPub launched native video mediation, which will allow publishers to filter their ad requests through whatever native ad network SDK (software development kit) they choose, including the Facebook Audience Network and the more than 175 DSPs integrated with the MoPub Marketplace.

The move aims to provide advertisers and publishers with more transparency and control. "For publishers, native video ads, or in-stream video ads, bring together the monetization potential of video ads with the seamless user experience of native display ads.  

They give advertisers a scalable way to deliver the same great ad experience across an ecosystem of 31,000 apps on MoPub — without having to build customized ad campaigns," according to a blog post on the MoPub blog. 

The move makes it possible for publishers to work with MoPub's marketplace and other ad networks to coordinate video demand. It's another sign that MoPub wants to position itself as an integrated or so-called full-stack solution with ad-serving and tools to help publishers better monetize their inventory and generate more revenue.

Currently, MoPub uses Twitter to gather interest-based signals through the Twitter Aaudience Platform (TAP). Twitter wants to use the platform and MoPub to monetize consumers who are logged out.

Twitter boasts more than 300 million monthly active users. TAP, powered by MoPub, reportedly increases that number to 700 million -- which includes consumers who use third-party apps and sites.

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