DataXu Debuts Pre-Bid Viewability Function

Programmatic marketing software provider DataXu on Tuesday announced a new Pre-Bid Viewability capability that integrates third-party viewability optimization from comScore, DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.

The new viewablity feature builds on DataXu’s 97% Fraud Free Guarantee, which ensured ads appear in non-fraudulent places and are being viewed by humans. That capability debuted in early 2015.

The Pre-Bid Viewability function enables DataXu customers to work with three partners as follows:

  • comScore provides pre-bid and in-flight  viewability insights.
  • DoubleVerify authenticates the quality of each ad impression before the bid is placed and in real-time during delivery.
  • Integral Ad Science supports marketers by removing all media quality roadblocks, making sure brand stories are heard.

Furthermore, DataXu’s approach not only offers “protection from bots, but also impression laundering/site fraud...” David Shapiro, VP of corporate and business development, DataXu, told Real-Time Daily via email. “We are rounding out our approach by incorporating multiple industry leaders directly into the platform for added viewability offerings.”



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