MEC Launches Wavemaker To Streamline Services

MEC is launching Wavemaker, a new global specialist that consolidates its content, social, SEO, experiential, sponsorship and creative services in one place. The new unit launches with 750 people across 10 markets. 

The division will be led by Tim Flattery, who was promoted from Chief Innovations Officer at MEC Australia to Managing Partner, Senior Practice Lead. He reports to Shenan Reed, president, digital.   

Globally, MEC Wavemaker brings together MEC’s content strategy, social, partnerships and experiential, organic search and creative services expertise into one unit to provide clients with "a single solution that is agile and accountable," says the agency.   

“Clients are in constant search of new platforms, partners and opportunities that engage and excite audiences at scale," says Reed. "Every piece of communication that a brand creates is a potential asset that will drive consumer behavior. “



Wavemaker, she claims, is a new way to look at content, social design and experiential marketing, how it’s created and “where it will deliver the most value for our clients.” 

MEC said it selected the name because "great content makes waves." says the agency. 

MEC Wavemaker will first debut in the U.S., UK, The Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, Middle East, Singapore and Germany. Other markets will follow throughout the year.

In the U.S specifically, the team launches with 50 people and will be supported by Chet Fenster, head of content and Noah Mallin, head of social.

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