TVAdSync Launches European Version Of Its Smart Retarget TV Product

TVAdSync, an ad-tech firm that specializes in real-time TV data monetization, on Wednesday announced the launch of its cross-screen TV audience product in Europe, three months after it launched in the U.S.

The announcement was made at the dmexco ad tech conference in Cologne, Germany.

TVAdSync offers second-screen television audience targeting in the U.S., working with agencies and brands to leverage the multitasking behaviors of multiscreen audiences and turn them into insights. TVadSync delivers targeted ads to online audiences that have been exposed to specific TV spots on their smart television sets in the U.S.

This kind of targeting allows marketers to attribute online and offline sales to both TV and digital media investment. TV broadcasters can also measure the effectiveness of TV promotions for upcoming shows.

“For 50 years TVs have not known what they’re showing. Now, thanks to ACR [automated content recognition] built into the set, the smart TV is becoming smarter,” stated TVAdSync Founder Ronan Higgins. “This is a tectonic shift for cross-screen advertising, being able to link ad media delivery across various screens in the home. …Pretty soon nearly all televisions will collect viewing data, similar to how the Web and apps do.”

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