Marlboro Gets Mad While Amazon Gets Love

Consumers love Amazon, IBM elicits a yawn, Google is cool with sunglasses while Gucci attracts rolled eyes, according to Crowdtap's first-ever Brand Emoji report. The marketing technology firm asked consumers which of the seven emojis best expresses how 100 top brands make them feel.

The emojis were: Heart eyes, Smiling with sunglasses, Sleeping face, Rolling eyes, Angry face, Slightly smiling, and Neutral face.

Amazon received the most heart eyes among all brands and Google garnered the most smiling with sunglasses.

Gucci receives the most rolled eyes, though upscale brands tend to over-index with this emoji. Eight of the 10 brands that received the most rolling eyes were luxury brands, including BMW and Lexus.

IBM received the most sleeping faces.

Marlboro attracts the highest percentage of angry faces, though category-wise, six of the 10 brands receiving the most angry faces are telecoms and financial services brands.

Consumers have strong feelings towards IKEA which received the most smiling with sunglasses among retailers, while Walmart is the retailer attracting the most angry faces and rolling eyes.



Coca-Cola is the beverage brand most adored by consumers, receiving both the most heart eyes and smiling with sunglasses. Red Bull sparks multiple emotions: receiving the most angry faces among all beverage companies and rolling eyes and sleepy faces among all beverage brands.

Crowdtap's first-ever Brand Emoji Study queried 300 males and 300 females age 13+ from its member base during the month of April, 2017.

"The Millennial generation is adopting emojis as the modern-day hieroglyphic. We thought gauging their perception of this brand through this new form of communication would be a compelling study," says Matt Britton, CEO of Crowdtap. "The most surprising aspect was how easy it was to extract emojis from consumers as a way of communicating sentiment. We see emojis making more and more of an impact in the enterprise."

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