NEW! Duracell: The Battery For Camping, Gaming, Removing Ear Hair

In a series of amusing TV spots, Duracell positions itself as the battery you want when life gets dark or competitive. Do you really want to risk camping in the forest in the dark? Thought so.

"Camping" is the latest 30-second spot to illustrate the many things that could go wrong in a dark forest. Aside from the nocturnal animals, a dead flashlight could lead to falling down a hill, onto a tent and over a campfire. A lifesaving puddle of mud next to a pig pen wraps up the not-so-perfect evening.

The ad follows "Gaming," where a group of teens stay awake all weekend to play video games. Their bodies fail before Duracell.

My personal favorite ad is "Ear Hair." A man with bushy ears trusts Duracell to operate the ear trimmer that will move the attention at a company presentation from his ears to his important slideshow.

Wieden+Kennedy New York created the campaign, directed by Andreas Nilsson of Biscuit Filmworks.



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