Adsquare Launches Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings Optimized Segments

Berlin-based mobile data exchange Adsquare on Monday said it launched new audience segments -- specifically, Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) Optimized Segments.

The segments, an aggregation of first- and third-party data from multiple providers, are available through adsquare’s Audience Management Platform in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany and  part of its portfolio of real-time location, geo-behavioral, app usage, psychographic, and purchase data that enables targeting.

Adsquare said the segments are validated against first-party data with guaranteed accuracy for gender and age as established by Nielsen, and outperform industry benchmarks by more than 308%.  

Mobile data lacks accuracy compared to online data, according to Nielsen. The analytics company recently communicated an average on-target rate of 40% (female) to 57% (male).

AdColony, formerly known as Opera Mediaworks, is the first of adsquare's partners to run a campaign for a client using Nielsen DAR Optimized Segments.

AdColony reported achieving 80.14% accuracy vs. a 26% Nielsen DAR benchmark for this combination of gender and age.

”Targeting based on location and mobile behavior is a great opportunity for brands, but most data providers lack either accuracy or scale when it comes to demographic data,” stated Tom Laband, CEO & co-founder, adsquare. Laband said the company’s Nielsen DAR Optimized Segments help solve this problem.

AdColony found that when combined with full-screen, opt-in video, the audience targeting offers a better engagement opportunity for advertisers. The firm said it saw higher engagement rates and brand recall, according to Tamsin Powell, head of strategy & solutions, EMEA, at AdColony.

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