AdRoll Launches ABM Solution, Partners With HubSpot

San Francisco-based advertising company AdRoll announced the general availability of AdRoll ABM, an account-based marketing solution, on Thursday.

AdRoll has expanded its B2B repertoire with the new account-based marketing solution, enabling marketers to target key accounts via attributes like job role, company size, or industry. 

In addition to its existing integration with Marketo, AdRoll has also unveiled a bi-directional HubSpot Connector that grants marketers the ability to connect AdRoll ABM to their CRM system in order to create personalized ad campaigns targeting key business accounts.   

AdRoll’s foray into account-based marketing marks another step in the company’s pivot toward becoming a full-fledged cross-channel digital marketing provider. The ten-year-old company was a pioneer in the programmatic advertising space, but in recent years has expanded its repertoire beyond digital ads.

SendRoll, AdRoll’s email retargeting solution launched in March of last year, extended the company’s predictive algorithms to email marketing for the first time. The marketing solution automatically triggers personalized email campaigns, such as product recommendations, based on behavioral data collected from a company’s own website.




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