Startup Keeps Launches First National TV Campaign

Men’s hair loss treatment startup Keeps has launched a national TV ad campaign, with its agency Quirk Creative.

Keeps positions itself as a digital-first, direct-to-consumer brand but believes its message will resonate well on TV.

"It's always fun to work on a product for which I'm also the target market," quipped Gaelan Connell, co-founder and creative director of Quirk. "It made it easy to channel what the guys watching the work will be thinking."

"We found this is a topic most men worry about but are embarrassed to take action until it’s too late," stated Meryl Draper, president Quirk Creative. “We wanted the creative to be lighthearted but at the same time get across the importance of taking action now.”

The startup made its official debut in January.

Have a look at some of the ads here .



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