Amazon Launches Search Services For Small Agencies Through -- a wholly owned Amazon subsidiary since 1999, which focuses on analytics and data -- began rolling out a series of offerings Thursday to support search engine optimization, paid-search advertising and content marketing on engines such as Bing and Google.

The company focuses on business that supports other businesses, but also supports companies that serve consumers, explains Andrew Ramm, president of About 50% are in the United States, and the other half are international.

Ramm said Amazon has internal groups that support analytics for the marketplace and its sites, such as Whole Foods and Zappos. In the past, focused on publishers with Alexa Certified Rank. "We still maintain that business, but it's not our sole business," he said. 

The Alexa Agency Plan, designed for small to midsize agencies, targets optimization and competitive intelligence to help them attract key audiences for clients. It eliminates the many hours of work needed to collect and analyze data required to establish knowledge of a client’s industry, competitors and audience.

Sean Hakes, CEO, Altitude Agency, a Colorado digital-marketing search agency, estimates that about 80% of the time spent pitching ideas to new clients will be saved.

The new plan provides agencies with intelligence about clients’ popularity, traffic sources, audience interests, keywords, and backlinks, including side-by-side comparisons with clients’ competitors across all metrics. Strategic opportunities are instantly revealed, arming agencies with programs that help drive their clients’ business performance.

The tools include portfolio management tracking, which enables agencies to view all client projects through one dashboard and quickly spot and respond to negative trends or issues. It also includes twice-monthly site audits for all clients, enabling agencies to monitor and address any issues impacting SEO.

Site Audit is one tool clients hope will build out, Ramm said.

The keyword tools provide data that reveals methods to grow a client’s traffic to the website through content marketing, SEO and paid search. Agencies also can find new topics and keywords based on competitive research through this tool.

The tool is geared for agencies challenged with continually demonstrating their impact on clients’ business growth. 

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