Authentic Images Support Brands

According to Adrian Dubler, CEO of Foap, brands and marketers should use authentic images for their campaigns and move away from stock imagery. For instance, brands like Nivea, Shake Shack, Vans and Glossier are building stronger connections with consumers on social media because they aren’t relying on stock imagery, they are crowdsourcing authentic images that align with their brand message and values.

 Consumers want to experience a brand’s personality, values and individuality via its social channels, says the report. That just isn’t possible if several brands are posting the same image, like showing up to party in the same outfit as other attendees. Real images get more engagement. 

 Stock imagery can feel out of reach or out of touch when too over-produced, or models that don’t resonate with costumers. Using “real people” can build trust-worthiness and create a clear and honest portrayal of what your product looks like and how it functions 

 There is a reason why brands, like those noted, are succeeding and building stronger connections with consumers. They aren’t relying on stock imagery. Rather, they are crowdsourcing authentic images that align with their brand message and values. 

 Here are some lessons from Dubler, from a marketplace that connects brands and marketers with its global community of nearly 3MM content creators, to generate exclusive, authentic visual content to increase campaign engagement and ROI: 

  • Don’t photoshop your product / logo into an image - these brands leverage authentic images with their products being used in real life 
  • Don’t rely on models. Use real people. If a woman sees a supermodel wearing a dress, she may think it is unattainable for her, but using a real, obtainable person allows her to picture herself in the garment
  • Outdoors vs. indoors - If it aligns with your brand taking photos with unique backgrounds, outdoors can have a stronger impact than indoors
  • Crowdsource images - Diversity matters. Share you brand guidelines and let multiple photographers (professional and amateur) do their magic. Remember, says Dubler, multiple heads and creative POVs can be better than one

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