Callaway Golf Launches Original Video Series

Callaway Golf Company is launching an original series that profiles legendary golf locations. 

“Golf Lives: Home Course” was developed for Callaway’s OTT and O&O channels and distributed on Amazon Prime Video and Facebook Watch. It was produced with Vice Media, which Callaway has partnered creatively with since 2015. 

There is a full campaign to support the series and a live event to premiere the films. Promotional media plan will include media and activation across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, via programmatic media and on ROKU.

As consumer brand marketing budgets continue to shift from the 30-second spot into experimental forms of video, and Netflix explores short-form programming, even brands in traditional categories (like golf) are behaving not as advertisers but as content publishers, says Scott Goryl, director, marketing communications and content at Callaway.



“We set out to profile unique golf locations around the country based on their stories, communities and the characters that define them,” Goryl tells Marketing Daily. “The cultures across the series are remarkably diverse, yet it's the courses themselves that bring together those who play them."

The shows profile three distinct public courses across the United States -- Wild Horse in Gothenberg, Neb. (pop. 3,400), Edgefield in Portland, Ore. and the historic Langston Golf Course in Washington, DC.

“We sought out some of the most vibrant stories and communities in golf and positioned Callaway as the connection between these stories and avid golfers,” Goryl says.

The series is a follow-up up to the original “Golf Lives”series from 2016 featuring Houston legends Rapper Scarface and former NFL star Arian Foster.

“We wanted to invite viewers into our world to share with them our passion for the sport, for perfecting our products, and for the innovative technology that helps players get better and enjoy the game,” says Callaway Golf CMO Harry Arnett in a release. “Golf is the great democratizer of humanity and sports."

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