Uberall Expands U.S. Channel Partner Program For SMBs, Enterprises

Making a stronger move into the United States, Uberall expanded its U.S. channel partner program for small and medium-size businesses that use its services such as the Location Marketing Cloud platform.

The platform allows marketers to manage interactions per location in real-time on all digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps, store locators, search engines, maps, social media, and voice assistants.

The expansion aims to grow the U.S. portion of their business. The majority of the clients are based in Europe. By partnering with Uberall, channel partners can build multiple new revenue streams, according to the company.

The demand for location marketing technology among multi-location brands regardless of their size continues to increase, according to Florian Huebner, Uberall co-founder. "We are enabling agencies to meet that demand for clients and prospects through our technology and expertise," he stated.



The announcement was made at this year’s LSA19 in Dana Point, California.

Local marketing services help consumers find and purchase goods and services from nearby brands and retailers. eMarketer estimates marketers will spend nearly $40 billion by 2022 on location services to build relationships with local consumers.

Uberall, which focuses on content and search engine optimization, also supports digital marketing agencies.

Uberall’s December 2018 study on holiday shopping and searches suggests that more than three-quarters of shoppers did a “near me” search during the holidays. Looking at U.S. versus UK shoppers, “near me” searches were more prevalent in the U.S., at 83% versus 75%.

In the U.S., leaving a review online for a store or location was more common than in the UK. Among U.S. holiday shoppers, one-third had left a review, versus 26% in the UK.  

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