Agencies' Top Research Priority: Unduplicated Cross-Platform Reach

The 4As is out with a new study on industry measurement issues which finds that solving for unduplicated reach in a multiplatform environment is the top priority among members.

The report, based on a quantitative survey sent to more than 600 4A’s members in media, investment, research, and analytics roles, found that 97% of respondents believe measurement tools must deliver total audience information across platforms. And 93% said the industry must establish a method for determining unduplicated reach across channels.

Attribution and greater visibility into so-called walled gardens (Google, Facebook etc.) are also seen as critical goals, given the agency task of optimizing advertising spend for clients.

Successfully completing that task "depends on understanding what drives desired outcomes,” per the report. “Tracking digital exposures across a path to a desired outcome enabled the growth of advanced digital-attribution methodologies."



That said, advertisers and agencies want to improve this capability by enabling greater visibility into exposures within digital, such as within walled gardens, and across all channels.

Louis Jones, executive vice president/media & data at the 4As, says “the industry is at a crossroads when it comes to measurement across channels and devices. There are several attempts to address cross-measurement issues, but the industry has yet to find sufficient adequate solutions.”

The report underscores the current shortfalls, said Jones, and is intended to help the industry “think gainfully about what a better measurement solution is comprised of.”

Among the numerous issues that the report delves into is currency. While not all agencies consider a single currency critical, most say a consistent framework for combining and comparing metrics across channels and platforms is crucial.

And if the industry were to adopt a single currency, per the report, “the majority of agencies seek an impression-based currency with the same level of granularity across channels.” Just over 90% of those surveyed agreed that absent a common currency, a consistent framework for cross-channel audience measurement comparisons is a must.

Media sellers will need to invest more to achieve comprehensive measurement solutions, the report concludes. And they can invest most efficiently if they collaborate on an open software system that would curb the need to develop multiple proprietary programs.

“Agencies don’t demand a specific solution but want to ensure that sellers comply with the technology requirements to enable comprehensive measurement,” the report states.

Advertisers may need to invest more as well. “Agencies need clarity on funding measurement improvements. Measurement is critical to both advertisers and sellers, and both need to know its value to invest in improving the measurement ecosystem.”

The full report can be accessed here.


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