API Automates LinkedIn Ads Performance Reporting

Centro has released an integration with LinkedIn to automate campaign performance reporting.

The API, per the company, provides the first cross-channel ad-buying platform for both site-direct and programmatic campaigns to automatically pull in ad-spend data from Facebook, Google Search and now LinkedIn. 

The integration allows advertisers using LinkedIn’s self-serve ad platform to receive daily performance data in Centro’s Basis, which is used by agencies to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. The data is used to optimize ad spend between LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Search, and other sites and channels.

“We felt that it was important to standardize the data, aligning it with how other ad channel performance reports are displayed in our system,” wrote Amy Rumpler, VP of paid social at Centro, in an email to Search Marketing Daily. “More of our customers have been requesting this type of integration to empower them to manage campaigns holistically.”

Centro also integrates with Google’s ad server, Google search, and Facebook. The LinkedIn integration offers one more social channel -- one that is more geared toward B2B marketers.

Centro worked with LinkedIn’s development team to ensure that performance data within LinkedIn’s advertising platform flowed accurately into Centro’s Basis, as more marketers work with Microsoft’s platform to reach B2B marketers.

The API integration saves marketers time. The platform eliminates the need to manually pull reports from LinkedIn and arrange them to match how they normally present other performance reports when delivering the data to clients.

“It makes it easier for a buyer to compare how LinkedIn performs relative to other ad tactics in display, search and social,” Rumpler wrote.

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