GoDaddy Pairs Website Building And Marketing Tools For SMBs

GoDaddy on Tuesday announced a set of software tools to help small and-medium-sized businesses automate the process of building websites and marketing their products. The company has also renamed the GoCentral tool Websites + Marketing.

Performance scoring available in GoDaddy InSight shows small businesses how their online performance compares to similar businesses. Their score adjusts over time as they complete items from their action plan in the guided system, providing consistent visibility on how they benchmark with other companies similar to theirs.

Heidi Gibson, senior director of product management at GoDaddy, said “there’s a guided system that helps customers adopt and use the right features for their business.”

Gibson owns a small business of her own, The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco. She said GoDaddy spent a lot of time analyzing the types of features that make businesses successful online.

Some of those features are intuitive -- for example, if the company has an online location, it should have a Google My Business card. If the business is a restaurant, it should have an online ordering system.



“We found that customers don’t always known what’s most important [and will work for] them,” she said, adding that the tool builds personalized action plans.

Websites + Marketing includes tools to manage search engine optimization and email marketing, and it syncs with Facebook, Google, Google My Business, Instagram, and Yelp. The integration makes it easy to read the latest reviews and comments, and respond to posts and make updates directly from the Websites + Marketing dashboard on a mobile device.

A marketplace feature enables companies to list their entire inventory on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and more, while using Websites + Marketing to manage orders, including payments and shipping across all these platforms.

A media library allows companies to pull photos from their Facebook page and integrate into their website.

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