Google Ads Takes Reporting Across Accounts

Google Ads announced Monday the availability of cross-account analysis in Report Editor for agencies or marketers running several accounts for their brands or product lines.

The idea is to analyze and identify cross-account patterns in the data without leaving Google Ads.

The goal is to make it faster and easier to analyze cross-account data in the Manager account's Report Editor, which offers a drag-and-drop interface to build and manipulate multi-dimensional tables and charts. It has a multi-segment analysis, custom charts to quickly visualize patterns and trends in the data, and advanced sorting allows for filtering segmented metrics such as mobile clicks by columns.



Abhishek Kumar, product manager at Google Ads, provides this example. “Let’s say that you manage three accounts in different regions and want to look at global performance over time,” he wrote. “Previously, you would need to download performance for each account individually, and then stitch the data together to find global trends. Now, you can analyze this cross-account performance with custom tables, charts, and data segments directly in your browser.”

Cross-account reporting is available for accounts where marketers -- or agencies on their behalf -- manage up to ten Google Ads accounts. Kumar explains that Google plans to increase this limit in the future.

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