Many Consumers Overwhelmed By Too Many Streaming Services

Even with more than 100 streaming services, available now and in future, a high percentage of consumers still prefer a bundled package of programming.

A new survey says nearly 40% of consumers want a bundled platform, a staple of traditional pay TV providers, according to Amodocs Media, a division of Amodocs, a media/communications software provider.

Respondents say they are “overwhelmed” by the higher numbers of streaming subscriptions they have to manage -- including, consolidated billing, universal search, remembering passwords.

Almost 60% are satisfied with their current subscriptions, the majority of which includes a bundled package. Around 22% would consider adding another service.

Almost half of respondents -- 46% -- had no plans to switch their entertainment subscriptions or services over the next 12 months; 37% listed price as the top reason they would consider changing platforms.



At present, 27% of U.S. consumers spend more than $100 a month on subscription services.

Top reasons for switching TV services: cost (37%), more content (22%), customer service (9%), personalized content (8%), fewer ads (7%) and peer recommendations (6%).

The data comes from a 2019 survey of 1,000 U.S, 1,000 U.K. and 1,400 Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico) consumers.

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