Nike: Search Terms Influence Consumers Differently On Google Vs. Amazon

The top 10 search terms on Google and have a different influence on consumers.

On the searches are product-specific. Searchers know the style or material of the product they are looking for, and they tend to be highly selective and specific. They also are willing to search for higher-priced items.

Air Force 1s, Air Max 270 are big styles for Nike fans. Most who go to the brand’s website know terms like “vapormax” and “flyknit,” which are specific types of cushioning and material in the shoes.

On Google, searches lead to interactions on It makes sense that they tend to include the brand name Nike, and lean toward broader keyword and product searches such as shoes, outlet, and running shoes.



On Amazon, the reverse occurs. Google searches tend to be much more specific. For example, the less popular Pegasus running shoe dominates the search terms -- mostly model 36 -- so searchers looking for model numbers 35 and 34 shop a year or two behind looking for a less expensive styles. searches -- specifically ones that contain the brand name -- are somewhat more generic, such as nike+: slides, shoes, running shoes, men.

Keywords that lead to shoe category product views vary. For example ranking No. 1, on google is “nike” compared with “air force 1” or “amazon prime” on Google and “nike shoes men” on

Consumers might search for “nike shoes” on Google and then search for “vapormax” on and “nike shoes women” on

Consumers who search for “nike outlet” on Google typically search for “air max” on A keyword search for “nike Pegasus 35” on Google end up as “nike” on

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