Adobe Personalizes Customer Experience, With Privacy At Core

Despite ten years of industry debates on how to integrate data across disparate business systems, advertisers still deal with challenges as they try to turn insights into experiences. Adobe has announced several improvements to its Experience Platform, including a way to connect disparate data across an enterprise to use in real-time.

The Adobe Experience Platform allows marketers to create apps, deliver content and track large quantities of data.

Today, Adobe announced the general availability of Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP) features, with data governance capabilities, as well as new ways to personalize and deliver cross-channel campaigns.

“It’s all about giving the CIO the tools to make use of the data to develop custom applications,” said Ronell Hugh, head of GTM strategy and product marketing, Adobe Experience Platform. The key is viewing the CDP as a central warehouse for all the data on one customer, pulling together all the data into one file from interactions on the web, through email and text messages or even in-person visits to a physical store.

The real-time CDP service for Adobe Experience Platform collects structured and unstructured data from any source, such as email or call center systems, and allows marketers to group the date into profiles to personalize the experience for consumers.

With access to all this data, Adobe is making it possible to comply with policies and regulations. Another way for marketers to think about it is simply data governance.

Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance now give companies access to frameworks that help them to enforce the use of data policies to comply with regulations, obligations and restrictions associated with various data sets.

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