Best Buy, Not Amazon, Dominates Google First-Page Searches For Electronics

Best Buy has the most visible website on Google’s Page One search query results, at 27.8%, when U.S. consumers search for devices related to consumer electronics -- computers, laptops, video and mobile phones -- according to a study released this week.

The findings from Searchmetrics analyze Google’s U.S. search results for 1,000 keywords broken down into three categories and 10 subcategories related to consumer electronics topics.

Amazon came in second with 13%, followed by Walmart with 8.3%, Newegg with 6%, CNN with 5.2%, Costco with 4.4%, Staples with 3.8%, and Bhphotovideo with 3.6%.

Search engine results page (SERP) features such as images and videos frequently appear in searches for electronics keywords. Images are displayed around 60% of the time, and videos appear for 41% of desktop and 76% of mobile searches.



The data shows that most electronics retailers fail to provide relevant content for information-based searches, although these make up 50% of electronics queries.

Using Google Lighthouse to measure the state of technical optimization of electronics websites ranking on Google’s first page, Searchmetrics found an average Performance score of 88.9 out of a possible 100 points. This is slightly higher than other industries, where the overall average is 87.8.

Overall, about half of the searches are purchase driven with the average cost per click of $1.59 on about 2,364 searches per keyword per month related to Electronics.

The frequency in which SERP features appear for electronics keywords differs. The top five include AMP about 98% of the time on mobile; Related Questions, 89% on desktop and 88% on mobile; Videos, 41% on desktop and 75% on mobile; Product Listing Ads, 62% on desktop and 61% on mobile; and Images, 61% on desktop and 60% on mobile.   

The data also looks at search intent. About half of searches are purchase driven and the other half are from searches for information. About 90% of the searches on Staple’s website are transactional vs. 10% informational, followed by Costco at 75% and 25%, Best Buy at 70% and 30%, Newegg at 65% and 35%, Amazon at 58% and 42%, Walmart at 57% and 43%, and Bhphotovideo at 45% and 55%, respectively. YouTube, CNN, and Billboard are mostly all informational, which makes sense.  

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