Amazon Product Targeting In Sponsored Display Rolls Out In U.S.

Amazon on Thursday introduced a targeting feature in Sponsored Display for U.S. sellers. The feature, available via Seller Central, aims to promote the discovery of new products by reaching those who browse similar or complementary products and categories across the marketplace.

The option turns the retargeting tool into what some might refer to as a cross-category discovery tool. It allows advertisers to target those searching for running shoes with running shorts or sweatshirts, for example. Cross-promoting products is another option.

Sponsored Display product targeting can help marketers serve other relevant offerings to shoppers. Merchants who sell socks, for example, can sell socks and shoes on product detail pages, making it easy for shoppers to add a pair of socks to their cart with just a few clicks.

These ads also can reach consumers both on and off Amazon and can appear next to reviews on search results pages. The ads are automatically created and feature a product image, ratings, deals and savings badges when applicable.



Amazon Sponsored Display launched in beta last September as a self-service advertising platform. It was introduced as a display retargeting tool that allowed advertisers to reach consumers beyond those shopping on Amazon.

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