Oracle Data Cloud To Launch Ad Measurement Tool For Advertisers

Oracle on Wednesday will launch Moat Outcomes to provide marketers with a way to gain business results from their ad campaign within ten days -- down from 10 to 13 weeks, providing a solution to one of the biggest challenges advertisers wanted the company to resolve.

The tool will become available in its Data Cloud division.

“As you can imagine, that was a cross-collaborative product development effort,” said Kevin Whitcher, vice president of product management at Oracle Data Cloud.

In many ways, Oracle customers helped us build Moat Outcomes, Whitcher said. “… we had the benefit of advice and feedback from some of the largest brands and agencies in the world as we built this product on the foundation of our same trusted methodology.”

Whitcher said marketers cannot improve campaigns unless they know what is working and what is not. This solution helps marketers identify the tactics that deserve extra investment, so they can allocate their resources to the most effective places. In addition, it helps marketers be able to easily compare results across platforms to be able to shape their strategy moving forward.

The tool -- part of the Moat by Oracle Data Cloud measurement suite -- measures sales lift, whether CPG, retail, or restaurant. For big-box retail or QSR advertisers, the ability to measure total store sales for their clients, aggregated and broken out by retail vs. online purchase, is powered by Oracle Data Cloud’s collaboration with Visa.

It has an always-on interface, so marketers or their agency partners can evaluate and improve all their campaigns by comparing results across different audiences, creatives, or placements, so they can improve performance while the campaign continues to run.

By integrating location data from PlaceIQ, Moat Outcomes aids marketers in measuring whether their digital ads drive a lift in brick-and-mortar visits to stores, restaurants, auto dealerships, and many other physical locations.

With this collaboration, the measurement solution expands to serve a broader set of advertisers, including auto and media and entertainment, to whom location-based outcomes prove critical in affecting return on investments.

Visits KPI, powered by PlaceIQ, enables Oracle to provide lift measurement to even more customers beyond CPG. PlaceIQ’s data is providing information about foot traffic across stores, restaurants, and other consumer businesses, so businesses that depend on physical visits can measure and improve their campaigns against those metrics.

“In the marketing business, time is money, and the ability to evaluate the real-world business impact of a campaign in less than two weeks is the holy grail of campaign measurement,” he said. “With fast information, marketers can make near-real time decisions to best invest their resources.”

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