Tasked With Transforming The Brand, MullenLowe LA Appointed AOR For Arizona Coyotes

The National Hockey League’s Arizona Coyotes has appointed IPG's MullenLowe Los Angeles as its agency of record. 

The agency is tasked with creating a new brand identity and brand positioning for the Coyotes, designed to showcase not just the team’s prowess on the ice, but its multicultural approach and commitment to its community. And its determination to become champions.

Arizona Coyotes President-CEO Xavier A. Gutierrez said: “We chose MullenLowe LA to help us with our mission to break NHL team stereotypes and present our club in a cool and edgy way. We want to change the way we showcase our players and incorporate the fashion and lifestyle world in our branding. 

"Our identity and brand evolution will focus on our commitment to be consistent contenders on the ice, and as leaders by being inclusive, innovative and impactful in our community.” 

The agency’s first work will debut in September with a new brand anthem planned for release in October. 



“There’s so much creative potential to elevate the Arizona Coyotes’ cultural relevance, especially with owners, executives, players and coaches who have a desire to be different,” said Javier Passerieu, managing director, MullenLowe LA. He added that part of the agency’s goal is “to modernize their brand and create excitement and buzz outside of hockey and into pop culture.”

This would be just the latest brand makeover for the team, which started life as the Winnipeg Jets in 1972. The team joined the NHL in 1979 and then moved to Phoenix in 1996 and was renamed the Phoenix Coyotes. Fans call them the Yotes. 

The team rebranded to the more inclusive Arizona Coyotes in 2014. The Stanley Cup has proved elusive. Since joining the NHL 25 years ago, the team has yet to make it to the championship finals. 



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