Google Ads Budget Reports Make Campaign Spend Easier To Understand

Google Ads has launched budget reports to visualize monthly campaign-spend behavior after hearing from many advertisers that budget behavior in Google Ads is difficult to understand -- especially for daily budgets.

The report gives advertisers insight to improve campaign planning by gaining a better understanding of how budgets impact campaign spending limits, and past changes to average daily budget affect performance and spend limit.

It also enables advertisers to analyze the amounts they are estimated to pay at the end of the month.

The new reports can highlight events such as a campaign’s monthly spending limit.

Advertisers will not be charged more than their average daily budget, times the average number of days in a month -- or the daily spend that might be up to twice the average daily budget on the days when the ad is more likely to get clicks and conversions.



The daily spending limit, for example, is the maximum amount that Google can bill advertisers for a campaign on a given day.

For most campaigns, the daily spending limit is the average daily budget multiplied by two. On a given day, the campaign might spend up to twice your average daily budget to take advantage of fluctuations of traffic.

At the end of the month, the amount marketers will have spent on average every day will match the average daily budget.

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