RumChata's New Plot Twist: 'Have Your Unusual'

It’s not often you see book clubs satirized in ads, which is why a new spot for RumChata cream liqueur called “Book Clubbers” is notable. The ad also rolls out the brand’s new tagline, “Have Your Unusual.”

The ad, via Preacher, starts out with a book club discussion. One member argues that the author uses the color yellow to symbolize hope. Things change when a woman holds up a bottle of RumChata “Plot twist?” she asks.

The next scene is of the book clubbers in a hot tub, then playing ping pong, but still arguing about books. As the party continues, one man explains that he’s working on a novel and a woman is shown in the bathroom reading Cliff Notes for "Between Heaven and the Corn."



Next we see that one of the women is singing karaoke (a song about a book) as the book clubbers chant “Plot! Plot! Plot!” 

The push is the first mainstream marketing effort since RumChata became part of the E. & J. Gallo Winery spirits portfolio. Gallo acquired RumChata’s parent company, Agave Loco, in April.

Ryan Durr, associate creative director at Preacher, added that “The 'Have Your Unusual' idea isn’t just limited to livening up literary discussions. It’s a creative platform that invites people to switch things up and turn the expected into the unexpected whenever they can.”

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