Adobe Seeks To Drive Mobile Personalization With New Capabilities

Adobe has added new mobile capabilities that it says will help brands provide contextually relevant experiences to customers.  

The new offerings are being offered within Adobe Journey Optimizer, and are powered by Adobe Experience Platform. According to an Adobe blog post, they include: 

  • Message designer — allows brands to design and deliver personalized email, push, in-app and text message from one drag-and-drop interface
  • Personalized in-app experiences — for creating contextualized in-app messages based on customer profile attributes, device location and app usage history, equipped with templates 
  • Unified customer profile — data is collected in real-time from multiple sources and analyzed to be put into action. This information includes location and past purchases 
  • Personalized one-time interactions and campaign communications — can include tailored text messages for status updates or push notifications as part of a planned campaign journey. Campaign messages can be paused due to an unresolved customer-service issue. 
  • Location-aware triggers — Journey Optimizer can determine when a person is entering a sports or entertainment venue, and notify the fan about the nearest concession stand or restroom
  • Easy access to brand-approved content and assets — done through a lightweight, cloud-based digital asset manager, and Rich media can be stored and sized
  • Developer tools — allow inspection and validation of data for client-side web and mobile events, low-level SDK logs and data exports 



A great mobile experience is “no longer a nice-to-have for brands — it’s a necessity,” writes Kevin Lindsay in the post. 

“Not only do brands have to seamlessly integrate mobile strategies into the customer experience, but they must ensure every one of those mobile interactions is also personalized.”

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