AppScience Names Experian Primary Data Partner, Strengthens Multicultural Insights

AppScience on Monday will announce a partnership with Experian.

The company, which builds audience segments through mobile and connected television (CTV) data and analytics, choose this primary data partnership to provide marketers with a complete view of customers.

The partnership between AppScience and Experian comes at a time when brands must focus on audience demographics and opt-in data, as consumer privacy become a priority for companies across the advertising industry.

“We already built the bridge between CTV and mobile,” said Helen Lum, executive vice president of AppScience. “Now we are having conversations with linear TV networks who have come to us for deeper insights into audiences to determine if they are watching their content."

AppScience built a 55 million validated household graph that includes privacy compliant signals by connecting 300 million opted-in mobile devices with 110 million CTV households.



“We’re mainly focused on Experian’s demographic data like age, gender, income, and ethnicity,” Lum said. “People are having a difficult time in their campaigns validating the audiences. If they run a campaign, they are having a difficult time confirming they reached that audience.”

The Experian identity and data graph is trusted by advertisers when it comes to data and insights as brands demand precise and comprehensive audience metrics to map their spend.

Lum, who spearheaded the project, said AppScience wanted to validate the demographics and ethnicities captured from all the devices in the households it reached. AppScience partnered with Experian for its reputation of being “a trusted leader for data quality.”

She believes Experian has more opt-in and self-reported data. "We could feel comfortable in using it as a resource.”

When applied to AppScience’s household graph, Lum thought the company could provide more deterministic insight into the consumers in the household, she said, and accomplish the goal of focusing on multicultural targeting.

While the company began collecting the data in 2015, data scientists began assembling the graph in 2019 with CTV data. A measurement solution came about in 2020.

Lum wanted to create a measurement solution for media buyers to gain a deeper insight into audiences.

The AppScience Household Graph offers brands and platforms audience measurement with person-level behaviors within households.

Experian will provide additional insights into audience demographic attributes, such as age and ethnicity, to help advertisers more accurately identify and understand diverse consumers and validate multicultural breakouts.

The news comes on the heels of Sabio Holdings, the parent company to AppScience, announcing its acquisition of supply-side platform (SSP) VIDillion in February, which owns direct relationships with publishers with access to exclusive inventory across a diverse set of content verticals.

Lum said AppScience does not use search data at this time, but is in communication with a possible partner.

“We’re in early discussions,” she said.

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