Adds Google Ads, YouTube Advertising, Consolidating Media Buys Under One Company

In a move to strengthen its position as a full-service ad company, has announced the addition of Google Ads and YouTube advertising. The addition is expected to change expectations of marketers as the company continues to build out its managed services and solutions suite of tools, offering everything from connected television (CTV) to paid search.

The goal, says Ryan Horn, senior vice president of marketing at, is to automate as many processes as possible. When asked whether the move changes the company's focus, he said the focus for the provider remains on “advertising automation and agency management software.”

“The idea is to automate as many offering for our clients as possible and alleviate what we call ‘the swivel chair,’ having to go to different vendors for services,” Horn said.



The offerings include media buys and optimization processes for Google Ads, YouTube, CTV, addressable, mobile, other video, display, native, and social advertising. Some are managed services, while others are self-serve through’s platform.’s customers can log into the platform and see how each campaign performs based on the medias assigned to the budget. Clients do not need to log in to optimize campaigns. It is done by the company's technology.

Google Ads and YouTube Ads are offered by a managed service. Programmatic campaigns, and social campaigns such as Facebook, are offered as managed services, but also self-service.

More services could move to self-service, Horn said, but for now talent is difficult to find for many companies.

“This is a great first-step in for many companies,” he said.

Adding additional media buys and optimization processes meant needed to train existing employees on how to run Google and YouTube campaigns to become experts.

“One of the largest benefits of supporting many media types is to see where to shift budgets, when necessary,” he said.

More clients have begun to see the benefit of connecting CTV with search, he said.  

“We also see a lot of addressable targeting, with clients bringing CRM lists,” he said. “When political season increases more will have lists they would like to target.”

Other platform providers like Skai, formally Kenshoo, made similar moves, building out advanced offerings, but not to the extent of Skai now describes itself an “intelligent marketing platform.” Last week it launched support for Amazon DSP, offering new functions and audience reach to retail media advertisers.

Skai said that during the past year its developers worked closely with customers and Amazon Ads to create solutions that now allow brands to optimize campaigns across all commerce paid media channels, such as retail, search, and social.



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