VideoAmp Now Integrated Into Mediaocean's Advertising Systems

Media measurement company VideoAmp will now be integrated as “currency” into Mediaocean’s industry-dominant software advertising and buying systems.

VideoAmp data will be available in Mediaocean’s Spectra and Prisma platform, providing an easier way to process billing and reconciliation issues.

Mediaocean says this will also improve buyers' and sellers' efforts when it comes to cross-platform metrics they wish to transact and make guarantees on.

This comes as a number of new measurement providers are vying for prominence in terms of data to be used as the basis or “currency” for buying and selling media advertisements -- especially among the big TV-based media companies.

VideoAmp recently partnered with major media publishers. as well as six large holding companies for currency trials. This includes Paramount Global, Warner Bros. Discovery, and TelevisaUnivision, and others.

These trials also typically include major media agency holding companies. For example, Warner Bros. Discovery’s test with Comscore includes Omincom Media Group.

Data from another growing measurement provider, Comscore, has been incorporated into Mediaocean systems since 2017.



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