Google Automatically Upgrades Smart Shopping To Performance Max Ahead Of Holidays

Automatic upgrades to convert Smart Shopping into Performance Max campaigns began rolling out in time for the holidays, according to Google, which touts Performance Max as being the next generation of Smart Shopping and Local.

The company provided a one-click upgrade tool to transition existing campaigns with the hope that marketers would take control of the process and make the upgrade as soon as possible, rather than waiting for Google to automatically make the transition.

The process to automatically upgrade accounts began on July 21.

Google shared a timeline for the transition earlier this year. Now advertisers can expect to receive a notification, about 2-to-3 weeks in advance, as to when to expect their campaigns will make the transition.

Some 26% of shoppers in the U.S. have started their holiday shopping, according to Google. Supply chain issues continue to prompt delays. Air freight continues to prove challenging. Materials to build electronics remains in short supply.

Suppliers still face lengthening lead times to source materials or components that can now run six months to more than a year, threatening manufacturing plans to ramp up output. It could make this holiday season more difficult for marketers to determine when and where they will run ads.

Smart Shopping campaigns using features like vehicle ads that are not yet available in Performance Max will complete automatic upgrades in early 2023, according to Google. For campaigns not yet eligible for upgrades, advertisers will receive more specific information later this year about Google’s plans.

Until the automatic upgrade process begins for Smart Shopping campaigns, marketers can still upgrade campaigns using the one-click tool in Google Ads.

Adding more creative assets once upgraded, and providing more text headlines and descriptions, images, and videos will help marketers access additional inventory and formats, Tal Akabas, group product manager of Performance Max campaigns, wrote in a post.

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