Cosmo Media Labs Launches With Investment From The Sandbox

On Thursday, Cosmo Media Labs -- a multi-functional production studio for content, gaming, Internet Protocol (IP), and brand partnerships -- announced its official launch after securing investment from The Sandbox, one of the leading decentralized gaming virtual worlds. 

This is the first time The Sandbox has taken a financial stake in an independent production company.

Founded by MGM veteran and producer Sasha Alexander Bushnell and artificial intelligence (AI) entertainment tech entrepreneur Tobias Queisser, Cosmo Media Labs creates experiences, content, and games to drive and support brand partnerships during the journey into the metaverse. 



The partnership, Queisser believes, will develop a new media content approach that is “holistic” for brands and partners looking to activate and engage in the metaverse.

The company aims to help brands achieve their creative goals in the metaverse by combining the expertise of legacy brands and the best modern gamification, non-fungible token (NFT), and play-to-earn opportunities. 

The Sandbox has established itself as one of the most advanced decentralized metaverse platforms.

According to a recent statement, this new partnership “will fuel the growth of Cosmo Media Labs and provide tools, systems, and mechanisms to usher in the decentralized era of content creation, consumption, and monetization.”

Co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Media Labs Alexander Bushnell says: "We are proud to work together to bring brands a clear understanding and strategy of how to best leverage the power of their IP within the new landscape of interactive entertainment and digital ownership.” 

Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, believes the metaverse is “redefining the creator economy by growing a new ecosystem through sharing value creation between brands, creators, and the community.”

While The Sandbox is already a well-established virtual world, Cosmo Media Labs will provide production value and a bridge between media. 

It is also intended to “help shape the culture of the metaverse to bring the innovation of Web3 through new forms of experiences that provide an accessible and meaningful format of entertainment,” adds Borget. 

This focus can be traced throughout Cosmo Media Labs’ first project with youth-centric media and entertainment company Complex Networks, in which it will aim to create a content landscape that innovates how users interact with sneaker, streetwear, and hip-hop culture.

The partnership is at the forefront as Cosmo builds the Complex infrastructure within The Sandbox by developing games, building social hubs and producing experiences for Complex Networks – all with a forward facing strategy of utilizing the play-and-earn landscape to foster a virtual economy platform for the streetwear and sneaker market. 

“Blockchain-based technology provides exciting opportunities for the new creator economy,” says Queisser.

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