Technology Measures Impact On Promotions Tied To Media Like Sponsored Search, OOH

Quotient has developed a way to measure the impact of promotions with media, such as digital out-of-home, sponsored search, and on- and offsite display. The technology integrates into its omnichannel measurement capabilities.

The move allows marketers to better understand consumers’ buying journey to make every shoppable moment attributable by measuring performance across promotions and media campaigns through multi-touch attribution.  

Measuring digital promotions in the past “was its own animal,” Quotient CEO Matt Krepsik, wrote in an email to Search & Performance Marketing Daily. “The performance can be measured in activations and redemptions, which are unique to promotions, and it made sense for those metrics to be found in their own place.”

Krepsik now sees a trend where clients -- and generally, more advertisers across the industry -- increasingly plan omnichannel campaigns that involve multiple media touchpoints as well as promotions.

Those campaign media touchpoints are often integrated into the promotion, and the tactics work to achieve a unified set of marketing goals, Krepsik says.

He believes this has prompted a need for a solution that combines the measurement of promotions and media and presents them side by side in the same platform.

Marketers today think “dynamically” across many touchpoints to keep up changes in shopping behavior. It’s not a surprise that the purchase funnel is not as linear as it once was, as consumers move between digital and in-store touchpoints and can make purchase decisions anytime, anywhere.

“If the brand wants to execute an effective omnichannel campaign and maximize their investment, it’s important that they understand how each channel is performing and how those channels support one another,” he explains. “To achieve that, the measurement side needs to be able to attribute consumer actions to the touchpoints impacting those actions. Since we deduplicate the results, it means if a consumer is exposed to media and also activates a digital offer before purchasing the item, that sale won’t be double counted.”

 Accuracy in campaign reporting helps marketers better plan, budget and execute future campaigns, with the focus getting the most from investments, Krepsik says.

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