DoubleVerify Launches Attention Measurement, Mondelez First To Use

DoubleVerify this morning unveiled the DV Attention Lab, a new attention-based measurement service its positioning as an alternative to third-party cookie-based targeting. The service, which uses in-depth attention data to measure ad exposure and engagement, has Mondelez International as its charter client.

“We are excited to see them launch the Attention Lab and support the industry as attention-based measurement and targeting becomes even more critical,” Mondelez Director of Global Media Strategy & Planning and Americas CX Lead jennifer Brain-Mennes stated.

Mondelez participated in a pilot using data to evaluate and optimize performance of a cross-platform display campaign for an undisclosed popular snack brand. The technology helped identify “high-exposure impressions” for the campaign.

Once an advertiser has established a foundation of media quality, DoubleVerify overlays privacy-friendly attention signals to help provide broader insights into the core drivers of media performance.

The technology evaluates more than 50 data signals across two attention-based data cohorts -- exposure and engagement.

Exposure measures the prominence and intensity of the ad experience, and engagement measures user presence and the depth of user engagement within the ad experience.

The test for Mondelez produced a nine percentage point increase in brand favorability, an eight point lift in consideration, overall, and a five point rise in purchase intent among the brand’s primary target audience, the company said.

The two data sets power the index to helps marketers surface key performance signals at a granular level to help fuel in near real-time the insights required to target ads without cookies.

The lab features a team of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts -- a group of more than 20 employees globally focused on providing advertisers with insights and recommendations on campaign performance. Insight will cover industry benchmark reports, best practice guides, illustrative case studies, and more. 

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, October 6, 2022 at 8:27 a.m.

    Interesting, Laurie. But from your description of the methodology it's not clear how they determine that a user had a more favorable impression of a brand or was more inclined to buy it after "exposure" to the ad. Do the 50 "data signals" somehow establish this? And what kinds of signals are these----visits to  websites about the  product, visits to the advertisers' websites, requests for info, actual buying actions?  etc.Even if this is what they are using---as seems likely---what percentage of the assumed ad's audience can be identified in this manner? Are they capturing "ad impact" information, on  average,  for only 10% of those who "saw" an ad or is the percentage much higher? Even if the answer is on the low end of the scale, this does not mean that the information thus obtained is not meaningful---directionally, at least. But it would be nice to know how much of the "audience" is being categorized as "favorably disposed" or more inclined to buy the brand.

    Also, I see data indicated for "non-viewable" ads. I assume that this means that if the one-second rule is being used to define "viewability" for display ads and two-seconds for video ads that "exposure" to an ad for less than one or two seconds  ---or not at all---still generates a modest lift in brand favorbility. Might be a good reason for not advertising at all----for very small brands. Just kidding, of course.

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